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Google Cautions Against Local SEO Scams

By Mike Blumenthal / April 23, 2015

Update 4/23/15: Google has updated their help file with additional information about these scams: Local SEO telephone scams claiming to be Google and targeting local businesses continue unabated. The pitch, promising to help fix your listing or rank you number one, ring into small business phone lines with the regularity of Big Ben, hour after hour, year after…

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Your Google My Business Profile Image – The Most Important Image?

By Mike Blumenthal / April 15, 2015

There probably isn’t an image of your business that gets seen more by potential customers and searchers than your Google My Business profile image. There isn’t a single image that has more impact on searcher’s behaviors. And there isn’t an image in the online world that is harder to “get right.” The profile image is…

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Is Apple Watch the Product that Defines the Wearable Market?

By Mike Blumenthal / April 13, 2015

For the past ten years, Local has been about people going to a search engine and looking for a local service or perhaps looking at a classified in Craigslist. That has started to change with mobile and the development of vertical marketplaces like Uber and AirBnB. But the Internet of Things and wearables portend even…

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My Local Knowledge Panel Doesn’t Show on Google – What can I do?

By Mike Blumenthal / October 27, 2014

My local Knowledge Panel does not show in Google when I search on my company name. Why not and what can I do? We recently got this question in the Local U forum. We are repuplishing my answer here as we think the answer will be of general interest AND we are hoping to entice…

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Google Now Allows Brand Pages to Become Google+ Local Pages

By Mike Blumenthal / June 3, 2014

Today, Google is releasing a feature worldwide that allows a business to transfer the “heart” of its local data (verification, reviews, Map pin, location) from a verified Local Page to an existing Brand Page. This allows a business to now “upgrade” their Brand page (or any non-local page) to a full local page where it…

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How Do I Merge My Google + Pages? Usually You Can’t, Now What?

By Mike Blumenthal / January 6, 2014

UPDATE June 3, 2014: Google has announced a feature that now allows a Brand Page to Become Google+ Local Page. Please read this newer article before reading the following. The question of how to handle the existence of two (or more) G+ Pages for a given local business has become a frequent one. Over the past…

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Google Plus: Work Around for ‘No entry’ Symbol Image Bug

By Mike Blumenthal / November 25, 2013

The “No Entry” bug is an ugly image artifact that shows an obtuse Google symbol in place of your profile photo in the main search results when you delete your profile photo. The problem was first reported in the Places forum in early July and the post has attracted 10 pages of comments and a…

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A Guide to Google Local Listing Page Identification

By Mike Blumenthal / October 22, 2013

Google is in the midst of a massive migration of claimed business listings from the old Places Dashboard to the new Places for Business Dashboard. Simultaneously, they are apparently also in the midst of merging the new Places for Business Dashboard interface and functionality with the Google+ Page management interface … confusing on both a…

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Where Should a New Business Create a Listing: Google+ Page or Google Places for Business Dashboard?

By Mike Blumenthal / September 20, 2013

Andrew Forster of of Adster Creative recently asked this great question: If you’re starting out with a brand new business, should you ‘create’ a listing in places.google.com or start in the Google+ platform? In the end, it doesn’t really matter which path you choose as the data goes to the same place (the canonical Knowledge…

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What Kind of Google+ Page Is It? – A Visual Guide to Google+ Local Pages

By Mike Blumenthal / August 26, 2013

When Google moved the business Place pages to Google Plus last year, they started to slowly transition their small business dashboards to the new environment as well. Hopefully, soon there will be one consolidated dashboard where a business will be able to give Google their basic business information, add photos, buy Adwords Express/Offers, add videos…

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