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Mike Blumenthal

Google Now Offering Fee Based Business Profile Enhancement to LSA Users

By Mike Blumenthal / May 6, 2024

Last year we saw Google send out a survey asking 1001 questions about monetization possibilities for the GMB and the business profile. Last week, we saw them hijacking Business Profiles and inserting Local Service Ad (LSA) call tracking numbers into the profiles. Now we now why; 1 + 1 = 50. Or rather, GMB +…

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Google My Business Rolling Out New Direct Edit Experience

By Mike Blumenthal / August 13, 2020

Google My Business, as reported by 9 to 5 Google is now rolling out a new, improved, direct edit experience for editing your business profile. If you enter the phrase “My Business” in the search field of Google you are presented with your local listings (or a subset of them) that allows you to edit…

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Covid Testing Data for Google Business Profiles Can Now be Submitted to Third Party

By Mike Blumenthal / May 8, 2020

Earlier in the week, we started seeing the visibility of Covid testing information on local business profiles on Google. Google has indicated that if you are an organization that is providing Covid testing at your location, you are now able to submit your testing information to CastLight Covid Testing Locator for vetting and if approved,…

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Google My Business Now Allows Physician to Add Telehealth Appointment & Covid Info Links to Profiles

By Mike Blumenthal / April 7, 2020

Google, in one more update to GMB for healthcare providers, now allows them to add a link for TeleMed Appointments as well as a link to Covid-19 related resources. These links will likely soon show in their Business Profiles. H/T to Erica Paige. Google has been rolling out a multitude of changes and updates to…

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Should You Add City to Your Business Name at Google My Business?

By Mike Blumenthal / May 20, 2017

Should you add city to your business name at Google? This question recently came in from John Simonson from Webstream Dynamics at the Local U forum (paywall): A (small) multi-location retailer who just starting using Yext was told by a Yext rep to append to their business name their city so to distinguish between their…

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Why Is My Verified Business Not Showing on a Keyword Search?

By Mike Blumenthal / March 25, 2017

Most mornings upon waking, I head into the Google My Business Forums and answer a few questions. I get that I am doing free work for Google but I have always found that there is some personal satisfaction helping other small businesses deal with the realities of Google Local search. This conversation was particularly engaging…

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How are the Big Changes in Local Search Impacting Local Businesses and What Can They Do?

By Mike Blumenthal / June 30, 2016

This is the 21st installment this year of our Deep Dive Into Local series. For the week ending Monday, June 6th, Mary Bowling and Mike Blumenthal shared their thoughts about the previous week in local. The complete video, including links and commentary on critical happenings of the previous week is posted in the Local U…

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Google Trusted Verifier Program: It was there and now it’s not

By Mike Blumenthal / February 3, 2016

Early today at Linda’s forum and in the Local U forum it was reported that Google had rolled out a new Google Trusted Verifier Program that allowed folks in the field to verify a business instantly. However it now appears that the help files were released prematurely and they were all removed from Google. Or…

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Use This Link to Ask For Google Reviews on Mobile (& the Desktop)

By Mike Blumenthal / July 9, 2015

Now that Google has finally updated their mobile browser display and is, after a very long hiatus, allowing users to leave reviews on Android and iOS mobile browsers, the question arises of how to best direct your customers to leave a review. What is the best link to share with them so that they can…

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Google ‘More Reviews’ Links Removed From Knowledge Panel

By Mike Blumenthal / April 23, 2015

Google has confirmed that the link to reviews from around the web, labeled “More Reviews,” has been removed from the Knowledge Panel in local search results. The feature was present in one form or another for many years and included links to most review sites. “Reviews from around the web” continue to show in the…

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