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How Long Should Your Business Description Be in the Google Places for Business Dashboard?

By Mike Blumenthal / August 9, 2013

We received this question via Twitter this week from @AlexMorask: Would you happen to know [the] recommended length for [a] business description in Google Places and Google+? And here’s a reply that’s a little longer than what Twitter allows per tweet: In the old Google Places dashboard the limit was a measly 200 characters. Hardly…

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How Do Consumers Find a B & B?

By Mike Blumenthal / March 10, 2013

We just finished a LocalU seminar for people attending the MidAtlantic Innkeepers Conference, a regional conference dedicated to helping and training operators of inns and B & Bs. We conducted a survey to help these folks better understand how people were finding them. You can download a copy of this report in PDF format here.…

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Should I Hide My Address at Just Google Or Everywhere?

By Mike Blumenthal / February 27, 2013

A reader recently sent in this question that’s relevant to service providers that work from home: I know that for local businesses that do not have an office Google requires that the address be hidden on Google+ Local. In light of this, what is the correct way to list the business info on a website…

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How Can We Get Local U to Come to Our City?

By Mike Blumenthal / February 22, 2013

We frequently get the question: How can we get Local U to come to our city? There are two common ways to make this happen. 1) A broad partnership with local chambers of commerce, business support groups like the SBDC & SCORE and local marketers. In this scenario, we are usually contacted by an enthusiastic…

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Local University – Our 4th Year Together

By Mike Blumenthal / January 6, 2013

Local University  is growing up and we are starting our 4th year together. We have a new website,  a new name but we have the same great people and the same great job. The job? Helping businesses small and large understand the opportunities for sustained and successful local marketing via the internet. In late 2009,…

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