Local SEO Training for Agencies
In House Teams
from Sterling Sky and LocalU

Local SEO Training From The Best In The Business

The expert Local SEO training team from Sterling Sky and LocalU is proud to bring you a new training series designed to help move your agency’s knowledge forward in the realm of Local Search and SEO tactics.

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    We’ve perfected our agency local SEO training modules to meet the needs of companies of any size. We’ve also adapted our local SEO course to offer insight and knowledge for in-house teams aimed at improving their brand's local search presence.

    • Local SEO Tools

    • GBP Optimization

    • Spam Fighting

    • Onsite Optimization

    • Fake Reviews: How To Identify And Report Them

    • Call Tracking for Local SEO

    • Keyword Research for Local SEO

    • What Really Impacts the Local Pack Rankings?

    • Scoring Your Google Homepage

    • How to Win at Local with SABs

    • 8 GBP Problems and How to Solve Them

    • Factors that Affect the Local Algorithm that Doesn’t Impact Organic

    • Technical SEO

    • Blackbelt Local SEO Quiz

    • Local Services Ads (LSAs)

    15 Custom Learning Modules - Online SEO Training

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    What Is the Structure of Each Local SEO Training Class?

    • Each Module is Taught Live

      Each module in our online local SEO training course is taught live by one of the members of the Sterling Sky Dream Team™️ and is crafted to show the tactics and strategies that we have tested time and again to be effective at moving the needle when it comes to ranking better in local search and gaining more leads and conversions for Local Search and SEO clients.

    • At Your Pace

      We’ll schedule delivery of the modules in our local SEO training course at your pace, although we prefer to schedule them once a week for the duration, as they can complement and build upon each other.

    • Live Q&A

      Live Q&A is included in our local SEO agency course during and at the end of each live training session.

    • Each Session is Recorded

      Each session of our local SEO course is recorded and the video will be made available to your team after the event.


    $1,500 For 1 Session


    $7,500 For 6 Sessions


    $10,000 For 12 Sessions

    We’re offering our top local SEO course modules in packages of 12 sessions for $10,000, 6 sessions for $7,500, or 1 session for $1,500. The best deal to be had is to schedule 12 online local SEO training modules at once. A savings of $8,000 over buying them separately. We’re building a waiting list right now, so don’t delay contacting us for more information by completing the form below.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Local SEO Training

    All local SEO training courses are online. Each session is recorded and made available to your team following the session. You may also purchase LocalU events videos or attend one of our upcoming events (in-person or online).

    Want a custom tailored local SEO course? Contact us!

    Our local SEO training costs between $1,500 to $10,000 depending on which package you choose to select. 

    We currently offer our localU SEO course in Canada and the US. For more information, please contact us.

    While the most value is to be gained by scheduling the modules one per week, our LocalU faculty can schedule the modules to be completed at your pace.

    To gain the full benefit of our LocalU SEO training course, it is recommended that participants have a baseline understanding of local SEO. 

    Those wishing to learn more about local SEO can take advantage of our amazing resources such as our blog, podcast, or sign up for our newsletter.  

    Adam Dorfman
    Director of Product Growth Reputation.com

    Sterling Sky’s Local Search Training series blew away all expectations and has fundamentally improved our ability to be more strategic with clients and partners. Joy, Colan, and the rest of the team have created an incredible series of presentations covering all aspects of local search and crafted to be suitable for all experience levels as well. Whether you have been in the local search space for six months or 15 years, this is highly recommended if you are looking to quickly up-level your local search knowledge.

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