Dental Vertical Now Available on Local Service Ads (LSAs)
Matt Casady

Dentists can now sign up for Google Local Service Ads (LSAs). Although LSAs are available in 11 different countries this vertical is currently only available in the United States.

What “Services” Are Available in the Dentist Vertical?

Here is a list of the job types available for the dentist vertical.

LSA Dentist Verticals

What Type of Verification Is Needed for This New Dentist Vertical?

Google says dentists will need to complete the following to be eligible to advertise via LSAs.

LSA Dentist Background Checks

What is the cost per lead in this new vertical?

Time will tell what the average cost per lead is but for now, the minimum bid for dentists appears to be around $106-$119 depending on the geographic area targeted.

What Else Is New?

In the onboarding screen, Google added and linked to this new Local Services Ads HIPAA Business Associate Agreement.

LSA HIPPA Agreement

The profile & budget screen also has a new “Accepted Insurance” module that allows providers to select and display what insurances they accept.

Dentists LSAs Accepted Insurance Module

What Does This Mean Moving Forward?

This is the first healthcare vertical Google has added to LSAs, so this could definitely be a sign of things to come for healthcare providers in other industries.

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