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Matt got his start in the digital space in 2012 while selling SEO products for a web hosting company. That led to a specialist role at an SEO agency where he got his first taste of local SEO working with lots of small business clients. Over the past several year’s he has done in-house SEO for a few companies where he gained more experience in local SEO and broadened his experience in a variety of areas like technical SEO and Google Ads. Matt loves helping small businesses optimize their online presence and has first-hand knowledge of some of the difficulties small businesses face when trying to DIY their own SEO.

New LSA Update to Boost ROI in Healthcare Verticals

By Matt Casady / November 29, 2023

Google is slowly rolling out a new feature for Local Service Ads (LSAs) for all businesses in the healthcare verticals which includes categories such as dentists, dermatologists, podiatrists, etc. Read on to see what the feature is and how it is designed to help boost the ROI for healthcare businesses. What’s the Change to Healthcare…

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10 New Healthcare Verticals Added to Google Local Service Ads (LSAs)

By Matt Casady / April 7, 2023

Google recently added ten new healthcare verticals to Local Service Ads in the US. What Are The New Business Verticals? These are the new categories: The dentist vertical was added back in January of 2023 and was previously the only healthcare vertical available. What Type of Background Checks and Documentation Is Needed for These New…

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Dental Vertical Now Available on Local Service Ads (LSAs)

By Matt Casady / January 5, 2023

Dentists can now sign up for Google Local Service Ads (LSAs). Although LSAs are available in 11 different countries this vertical is currently only available in the United States. What “Services” Are Available in the Dentist Vertical? Here is a list of the job types available for the dentist vertical. What Type of Verification Is…

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