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Krystal Taing is an expert in SEO and e-commerce with a specialization in local strategies. Over the past 10 years, she has helped multi-location brands overcome their marketing challenges by enhancing organic visibility, search rankings, and online-to-offline traffic. She is a highly respected authority in local search and a valuable resource for marketers and businesses.

Krystal is the Director of Pre-sales Solutions at Uberall and a Google Business Profile Product Expert.

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Google’s New Guidelines for Managing Business Hours on Search and Maps

By Krystal Taing / August 2, 2023

Google recently updated their guidelines for businesses managing profiles on search and maps. The much welcomed update is aimed to provide clarity around how to manage your business information as well as share some reasons why you could run into challenges with the verification of your business. One of the areas that was updated was…

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How Multi-location Brands can Leverage Apple Business Connect (formerly Apple Maps Connect)

By Krystal Taing / January 23, 2023

What is Apple Business Connect? Business Connect is Apple’s newest interface and workflow that enables local businesses and brands to claim, manage, and measure their listings’ performance on Apple Maps. Apple Business Connect launched in early January, is available to global businesses, replacing the previous version known as Apple Maps Connect.What are the options for…

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Manage COVID-19 Testing Information on Your Google Business Profile

By Krystal Taing / December 3, 2021

In December 2021, Google rolled out the ability for healthcare businesses to set and manage COVID-19 testing attributes directly. Prior to this update, there were 2 primary methods to add COVID-19 testing information to your Google Business Profile. Initially, Google began sourcing this data from a number of healthcare organizations and government agencies so businesses…

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Google My Business Consolidates Food Ordering Fields on New Tab

By Krystal Taing / April 23, 2021

A user on twitter pointed out the addition of a new Food Ordering tab in the Google My Business dashboard. For restaurant and food based businesses, allowing customers to place an order with ease has been top of mind for the last few years and demand for this only increased throughout the pandemic.  Google My…

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Managing Insurance Information for Healthcare Providers on Google My Business

By Krystal Taing / March 8, 2021

Google My Business has been increasing the number of healthcare-specific features available to medical businesses and practitioners. In addition to multiple virtual care and COVID-19 related fields, in 2020, Google search began displaying insurance information on Knowledge Panels.  This feature is displayed on both search and maps, shows below the phone number on select listings, and…

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Selecting Your Primary Category on Google My Business – Proceed With Care

By Krystal Taing / September 30, 2020

When optimizing a Google My Business listing, it’s crucial to understand the importance of your primary category selection. Most marketers understand your primary category will impact your ranking, but many may not know it’s tied to the majority of the features within GMB. Your primary category determines: Which attributes, amenities, and service options you have…

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Coronavirus Related Health & Safety Attributes Launch in Google My Business

By Krystal Taing / September 10, 2020

Update!  On Dec 8, Colan started seeing these health and safety attributes in a new UX on mobile: Editor’s Note: The glitching seems to have resolved and we’re now seeing these live on mobile and desktop knowledge panels.  Screenshots at the bottom of the post! On Tuesday, September 9th, new attributes related to Health &…

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Google My Business Adds Black-owned Attribute

By Krystal Taing / July 30, 2020

Google My Business has rolled out a new attribute that allows businesses to identify if they are Black-Owned. This makes it the third attribute highlighting ownership type in GMB; Women-Led and Veteran-Led were earlier releases. This was first spotted within the Google My Business API on Monday, June 29th, 2020.  Interest in Black-Owned businesses has…

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Google My Business Adds Partner Links & Opt-out of Food Ordering in Dashboard

By Krystal Taing / July 10, 2020

Google My Business has been displaying 3rd party menu links on listings since at least 2015. These links are added without the business’s permission and can only be removed if the business reaches out to the 3rd party site directly. In addition to menu links, GMB allows partners to publish Order ahead and Reservation URLs.…

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COVID-19 notice Appearing on Businesses in Search Results

By Krystal Taing / April 1, 2020

Earlier this week we began seeing new notices appear on listings with an alert symbol stating: Hours or services may differ due to COVID-19. This was spotted by a number of users on Twitter.  New COVID-19 warning in GMB business profile pic.twitter.com/kAszvSC1H8 — Thibault Adda (@thibaultadda) March 30, 2020 We’ve dug in to learn more…

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