Coronavirus Related Health & Safety Attributes Launch in Google My Business
Krystal Taing

Update!  On Dec 8, Colan started seeing these health and safety attributes in a new UX on mobile:

google health safety attributes ux updated on mobile

Editor’s Note: The glitching seems to have resolved and we’re now seeing these live on mobile and desktop knowledge panels.  Screenshots at the bottom of the post!

On Tuesday, September 9th, new attributes related to Health & Safety began appearing for listings in the Google My Business dashboard. Attribute availability is tied to your primary category so this will vary for business types. This still looks to be rolling out to accounts so keep an eye on your listings over the next few weeks. Based on your primary category, your business may qualify for some or none of the attributes.  

The new attributes, which can be found in a new section on the info tab titled, ‘Health & safety’ include: 

  • Appointment required
  • Mask required
  • Staff get temperature checks
  • Staff wear masks
  • Temperature check required


They’ve also been spotted on listings in Italy, so looks like a global rollout

Safety and health-related features have become increasingly popular since the Coronavirus Pandemic. Surfacing these elements to users looking to engage with businesses has been highly requested. 

These new attributes are just one of the many product enhancements Google My Business has rolled out to help businesses communicate timely and critical updates to users. 

Update Sept. 11, 2020 – Now Live on Mobile & Desktop:


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