WATCH: Are Contact Forms and Email Sabotaging Your Leads? 🤬 (Data From 200+ Lead Forms Revealed)
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Watch: Are Contact Forms and Email Sabotaging Your Leads? With Aaron Weiche

It's not that they're not finding you, they may just not be contacting you (or maybe they are, and you don't know it!)


Recorded Monday, July 8th at 1:00 pm ET.

Contact and lead forms are the number one conversion tactic most websites use for lead capture. But the staple combination of forms and email is likely costing you leads. Get the eye-opening new research from over 200 lead form submissions for reply times, reply types, follow-ups, broken forms, leads sent to email spam folders, and more from Aaron Weiche of Leadferno. Learn how you can shore up your leaky lead funnel to both capture and close more website leads.