Video: Local U Advanced Speaker Series – Ed Reese on Assumptions Driving Conversions, KPIs, Visualization & The Summer of Discovery
Mike Blumenthal


LocalU Advanced takes a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of the bleeding edge of local search. Our upcoming LocalU Advanced takes place the night of October 20th and all day on October 21st. To give you a sense of the topics we will be covering, we will be interviewing some of the speakers that will be there.

Ed Reese thinks that analytics and their reporting can change your life or at least your business. He has been exploring and training on Google Analytics and various reporting tools and applying them to local since the early days of local search.

If you want to learn how to take a fresh look at your analytics and reporting and whether they are providing critical intelligence, you and your team need to come to LocalU Advanced Nola to see what’s new in these areas.

Note that this year, LocalU Advanced is sponsored by WhiteSpark, Call Rail and BrightLocal. They all will be sending representatives to answer your questions as well.

In this fifth interview of our speaker series with myself and Ed Reese, we cover some of the assumptions that underly our analytics and how we might test them to see if we are actually measuring the right things. Don’t miss this video or a chance to interact with Ed at Local U.