Video: Local U Advanced Speaker Series – Darren Shaw on Enterprise Level Citations & Local Ranking
Mike Blumenthal


LocalU Advanced takes a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of the bleeding edge of local search. Our upcoming LocalU Advanced takes place the night of October 20th and the day of October 21st. To give you a sense of the topics we will be covering, we will be interviewing some of the speakers that will be there.

Darren Shaw of Whitespark, a leading lights in local search, is the creator & purveyor of a number of widely used local search tools including Local Citation Finder, Local Rank Tracker & Reputation Builder. But he is a great speaker, thinker & local tinkerer and has done some great research in the field. I know that whenever I want to run a citation, category or semantic search experiment he is all in. But he doesn’t build these tools and company by himself and it speaks well of this that he manages to surround himself with some very smart content and local search folks like Nyagoslav Zhekov, Eduard de Boer, Jessie Low (an unsung hero) & Isha Thompson.

If you want to learn the latest in how to deal with citations at an enterprise or agency level you and your team to come to LocalU Advanced Nola to see what new insights (he always has new insights) Darren has to offer. Note that this year, LocalU Advanced is sponsored by WhiteLocal, Call Rail and BrightLocal. They all will be sending representatives to answer your questions as well.

In this third interview of our speaker series with myself, Mike Ramsey and Darren Shaw, we cover citations and their semantic relevance to local search ranking.  It’s always a blast to speak with Darren and  you won’t want to miss this video or a chance to interact with him at Local U.