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Mike Blumenthal

Last week in local 9/18/2017

Join Local U for the latest public episode of Last Week in Local, a weekly conversation about the articles that attracted our attention during the past week ending September 18th, 2017. This week features Joel Headley, Mary Bowling and Mike Blumenthal.

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Toys ‘R’ Us Files for Bankruptcy, Crippled by Competition and Debt

Burdened by massive debt from a Bain and KKR buyout, another “category killer” retailer is on the ropes

Nordstrom’s New Concept: A Store That Doesn’t Stock Clothes

Interesting that the epitome of the retail is opening spaces that are more about “feeling” rather than “touching”

Every Major Advertising Group Is Blasting Apple for Blocking Cookies in the Safari Browser

As John Gruber noted this is like “a group of peeping Toms objecting to the invention of window shades”.

There’s Blood In The Water In Silicon Valley

The sands of anti-trust sentiment seem to shifting and Google, Facebook and Amazon fall squarely into the danger area both socially and politcally.

Facebook Enabled Advertisers to Reach ‘Jew Haters’ — ProPublica

We are starting to see criticisms of the biases that are inherent in machine trained AI and how some of those might impact society.

Smartphones are driving all growth in web traffic

Google expected to launch new payment product in India

Google, int heir next billion users push, seems to actually have created a market leading payment product.

Ranking your local business part 8: Behavioral Signals • Yoast

Only Google has a full picture of user behavior, so it’s the blackest of Google’s many algorithmic black boxes. Thus, many of the specific behavioral ranking signals I list below are either hypothetical or too new to have been tested by SEO practitioners

Mary’s Links:

Yelp Claims Google Broke Promise to Antitrust Regulators

“Yelp set up a test to see if Google was pulling images from its servers. Yelp says it found Google pulled almost 386,000 images from Yelp in an hour, and then used some of the photos in business listings in Google Maps. Yelp says it searched Google for 150 of those businesses and found that a Yelp photo was a lead image in Google’s Local OneBox—which shows a business’s location, phone number, and reviews—in 111 cases.”

Case Study: Audiologist Offloads Management of Digital Campaigns

Shows that sometimes clients are happy with paid advertising.

Assembled: A Made-to-Order Digital Marketing Event for Small Businesses & Non-Profits

Low cost local event to help Portland SMBs

Joel’s Links:

Restoration Hardware CEO reveals a startling reality about online ad spending

Duh… The idea that “click spam” is new and that Google just started doing something about this last month is ludicrous.

Exclusive: Google is cracking down on sketchy rehab ads

Rehab ads get negative press, so Google takes “swift” action and removes them.

Tom Waddington on Twitter

HSAs continue to expand. Now being seen in Chicago on a test basis. Winter IS coming.

Google quietly added a new video feature to Google Maps

Videos rolling out to more users for Google Maps.

Google Executives Twist the Knife in Uber’s Back

It isn’t so much the specifics of the Lyft/Uber/Google controversy, but the fact that each of these companies are banking on some form of mapping information to be a part of their competitive edge. It can expand to many different businesses.

It also means that as marketers we may need to understand and be able to fix many more mapping environments.

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