Video: Last Week in Local February 6th, 2017
Mike Blumenthal

Join Local U for our latest public episode of Last Week in Local, a weekly conversation about the articles that attracted our attention during the past week.

This year we will be publishing our Last Week in Local video directly to the Local U blog. It will be published every Monday and will include discussions about the events in the last week, strategic and tactical, that affect Local SEO & marketing.

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Welcome to Last Week in Local for the week ending February 2nd, 2017!


Links for the week ending 2/06/2071.

Mary’s Links:

Local SEO Checklist from Justin Herring at Yeah! Local (pdf)

Google Continues Testing Visual Sitelinks

Visual Sitelink Ads

Philip Barnhart of Localnology has spotted some visual sitelink ads in the wild and talks about them.

Starbucks unveils voice ordering

Ordering Ahead Via Voice

How retailers are dealing with ordering ahead  via apps.

Difficulty Comparing Prices Is Consumers’ Top Brick-And-Mortar Complaint |

Customer Expectations vs Consumer Expectations

This survey shows a big disconnect between what customers want and what retail executives think they want.

It’s 2017 Stop Spamming Your City/State in Your Content – Local SEO Guide

Dan Leibson’s study on Location in Title Tag vs Location in Anchor text

Domino’s Pizza bot now offers its full menu and custom orders on Facebook Messenger

Dominos FB Messenger Bot Does It All

Dominos has quickly embraced marketing technology.

How to Foster a Marketing Culture at the Local Franchisee Level

Advice for Franchises

On nurturing a marketing culture at the local level.

Mike’s links: Plans First Air Cargo Hub – WSJ

Last year, Amazon said it was planning to lease 40 cargo planes, 16 of which are currently in its fleet. It also brought on a dedicated network of 4,000 semi trailers to increase trucking capacity and has a fleet of citizen courier Flex drivers making deliveries in major metro areas.

Amazon’s goal is to eventually haul and deliver packages for itself as well as other retailers and consumers—making it a direct competitor with UPS and FedEx, according to people familiar with the matter. The air cargo hub follows Amazon’s recent ocean debut, handling shipment of goods by ocean to its U.S. warehouses from Chinese merchants selling on its site, taking on a role it previously left to global freight-transportation companies.

Ontologies for lawyers – Legal Design and Innovation

Moz Local Incorporates Google My Business Insights Into Platform

Track your prospects’ behavior on Google with Moz Local – Moz

Why Search Still Confuses Small Business Owners 02/02/2017

The survey results found that 40% of respondents did not feel their use of AdWords yielded new business leads, while an additional 33% said AdWords produced very few leads. The majority of these respondents also reported weak online presences — for example, that 62% do not have a mobile-friendly Web site, 92% lack online customer reviews, and 65% have unclaimed Google business listings.

Google Expanding Advanced Verification & HSA to Los Angeles | Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Woman clicks on Google appliance repair listing, unknowingly invites convicted thief into her home | Watchdog | Dallas News

Google Testing New Local Knowledge Panel Call to Action | Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Is Google My Business Cutting Back on Live Support?

Google Drops Review Star Threshold to  1 or 2 Reviews AND Stops Using Bayesian Average

Super Bowl Search Result – A Turkish Bazaar of Ambiguity AND Google’s Intentions

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