Video: Last Week in Local February 20thth, 2017
Mike Blumenthal

Last week in local 2/20/17

Join Local U for the next public episode of Last Week in Local, a weekly conversation about the articles that attracted our attention during the past week ending February 20th, 2017.

This year we will be publishing our Last Week in Local video directly to the Local U blog. It will be published every Monday and will include discussions about the events in the last week — strategic and tactical — that affect Local SEO & marketing.

If you have a special topic you would like us to discuss for our other weekly feature, the Deep Dive in Local, or if you would like to be on one or the other of our segments, reach out and send us the topic and your availability. If you are interested in sponsoring this weekly show also please let us know.

Let us know what you think. Welcome to Last Week in Local!


Mike’s Links:

Exclusive: Wal-Mart to tear down walls between store, online buying operations – sources

How Do People Use Virtual Assistants on Their Smartphones? – eMarketer

Reports: digital, especially mobile, driving trillions in offline retail spending

The $354 billion in 2016 e-commerce sales is small potatoes compared with offline retail spending: over $4.5 trillion according to US government figures. But what’s also larger than e-commerce is offline spending influenced by the internet — between $1 and $2+ trillion, depending on the estimate.

Visa, IBM’s Watson Team For Consumer Payments Through IoT Devices 02/17/2017

The idea is to tie the two together, so that payments can be made by any smart or connected device, such as a smartwatch, appliance or a car.

Google Schema Support Coming For Jobs, Carousels & More

Facebook is taking on LinkedIn by letting businesses post job listings

Facebook’s VP of Ads, Andrew Bosworth, told Business Insider that the feature is rolling out after a Facebook-commissioned survey of small business owners in the US that showed the hardest problem they had is finding the right people to hire.

“They actually put that ahead of finding new customers and getting sales,” he said.

Once a Facebook page posts a job listing directly to its page, anyone who visits that page will see the option to apply. To speed up the process, Facebook will offer to autofill application information, like a person’s name and location, from an applicant’s profile. Employers will be able to respond to applicants through Messenger.

Facebook will let businesses pay to boost the reach of their listings to specific demographics, and listings will also show up in the News Feed for people who have liked a business’s page.

Keep track of your favorite places and share them with friends

Google getting social contextually

Yelp launches new feature for asking and answering questions about any business

Instead, these are questions and answers tied to a specific venue, a focus that could make this stand out from other Q&A products. For example, you could ask how long visitors normally stay at the Kennedy Space Center or if a bar allows dogs or about pricing at a tattoo parlor, then get answers from other users, or from the business owner themselves.

Users can upvote and downvote the answers based on how helpful they are, and they can also sign up for notifications whenever a specific question gets answered.

Product Manager Brian Boshes described this as “great, Yelp-y content” that can help people find the information that’s important to them (which might be mentioned in some reviews, but could be tough to find). He also noted that this is a “potentially limitless way” for someone who’s a supporter or fan of a business to stay engaged with their Yelp page — they can’t keep posting reviews, but they can keep answering questions.

Lastly, Boshes said this provides valuable data for Yelp about what users are looking for. If people keep asking about something (say, the kid-friendliness of a restaurant), then maybe it’s time for Yelp to add that as a piece of information in every profile.

Google May Check to See if People Go to Geographic Locations Google May Recommend – SEO by the Sea ⚓

Ranking Local Businesses Based Upon Quality Measures including Travel Time – SEO by the Sea ⚓

Quality measures for locations are often based on one or more reviews related to the locations. For example, user reviews and/or professional reviews may be utilized to determine a quality measure for a given location.

A quality measure is then determined based on a comparison of the anticipated distance value and the identified actual distance value.

Mary’s links:

How to hire an SEO

Google’s Malie Ohye gives video advice on how to hire an SEO.

Google: We Review Spam Reports Within Hours Or Days

Google says it reviews all spam reports with days.

But John Mu said that they do not review reports from people they consider spammers. I’m curious to know if they reject a change you suggest, do you get labeled as a spammer?

Local SEO Industry Survey 2016 | SEOs Complete Industry Survey

BrightLocal’s big survey on the Local SEO industry.

Top Local SEO Blogs 2016 – BrightLocal

Top Local Search blogs for 2016

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