Video: Last Week in Local Feb 26, 2018
Mike Blumenthal

Last week in Local 2/26/18

Join Local U for the latest public episode of Last Week in Local, a weekly conversation about the articles that attracted our attention during the past week ending February 5th. This week features Mary Bowling &  Mike Blumenthal.

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Google Offers ‘Auto’ Ad Units, Uses Machine Learning To Automatically Optimize Ads

Google officially began rolling out an ad unit Wednesday called “Auto” ads, which optimizes the placement of the advertisement on publisher sites based on a variety of data and insights. The “Auto” ads unit uses machine learning to place the advertisement where the technology believes the ad will perform best.

Local Ranking Factors Explained & Explored – BrightLocal

Darren Shaw, Andrew Shotland and Mary Bowling did a webinar with Myles at Bright Local on Local Search Ranking Factors.

Are Yelp ads worth paying for? How to figure it out

Joy Hawkins did a case study on the ROI of Yelp ads and it showed that leads form Yelp cost 3x more than from AdWords and shows you how to calculate this yourself.

Unpacking the Increasingly Complex Local SERP | Street Fight

Great infographic and explanation of what’s going on with Local Service ads and Advanced Verification. Mike says:  It certainly appears that for many industries, the previous approach to local (free listings) may have run its course and that pay to play is the only way to keep the listing clean, fair, and trusted.

Mike’s Links

More on Chrome and AMP, The Case Against Google, Decentralization and Paradigm Shifts

This analysis of a 3 sided market in which the monopolist changes the rules in a potentially anticompetitive way but to the benefit of consumers and businesses applies equally well to the Local Service ads that Google is rolling out

Local Services Ads vs Advanced Verification

Main Differences Between the Requirements for LSA and AV:

LSA: Background checks

AV: A review of your AdWords account, video interviews, a check for fraudulent behavior

If you are a locksmith or garage door company in a Local Services ads market and you fail Advanced Verification, you will not be allowed to participate in LSA

68 New cities by July

Video Webinar : The Ins and Out of Reviews and Reputation in 2018 – Local University

Join David Mihm, Aaron Weiche, Joy Hawkins & Mike Blumenthal as they look at the changing roll of reviews.

Video Deep Dive: A Look at Review Spam with Jason Brown & Joy “The Hawk” Hawkins – Local University

Spam? What spam? Google has yet to get their spam act together against networks buying reviews. We look at the implications.

How to Deal with Fake Negative Reviews on Google

Joy Hawkins explains what to do when your business is attacked.

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