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Last week in local 8/8/2017

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Walmart fends off invasion of German grocers

Lidl entered the market aggressively, with prices in its Winston Salem, NC, store that were 9.1% lower than the local Walmart,

L’Oreal UK is shifting some of its search budget to Amazon – Digiday

“We’re seeing people initially go to Amazon to find out information about a product before then jumping outside of that to YouTube, where they can see how to apply those products,” Buckley said. “Then, they’re moving on to Google to compare that same product with others. an e-commerce platform, but we believe it’s more than that.”

Uber drivers gang up to cause surge pricing, research says

“Drivers have developed practices to regain control, even gaming the system,” said Dr Mareike Möhlmann, from the University of Warwick Business School. “It shows that the algorithmic management that Uber uses may not only be ethically questionable, but may also hurt the company itself.”

Twitter comment: Uber Optimization? lol

Yelp is selling Eat24 to GrubHub for $287.5M and the stock is skyrocketing

Yelp is getting out of food ordering… They bought East24 for $134 mil in feb 2015, now selling for $287.5 million all-cash deal will unite Yelp and GrubHub in a partnership that allows Yelp users to order online directly from GrubHub. Yelp missed out on reservations to OpenTable and seems to have ceded delivery to GrubHub. I would love to know how much they will make from GrubHub on an on-going basis. They did however surprise analysts with a profit for the quarter and rosy projections for next quarter.

Google Is Developing Technology for Snapchat-Like Media Content – The Wall Street Journal

Google is developing technology to let publishers create visual-oriented media content along the lines of Snapchat’s “Discover,” according to people familiar with the situation, upping the ante in a race among tech giants to dominate news dissemination on smartphones

Glenn Gabe – Google+

Facebook releases Marketplace on desktop (after just being available on mobile since launch)- a Craig’slist clone.

Both Facebook and Google seem intent on extending the walls of their respective gardens and not innovating.

45 Local SEO Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them – Moz

A great summary of the many things from branding to websites, that a business needs to be aware of to succeed in local.

Healthcare Marketing: Categories & Keywords | The Healthy Practice

Joel Headley, formerly of Google, breaks down how Google things about categories & attributes for a local business and how these impact search performance.

They trashed their wedding photographer over a $125 fee, so a jury told them to pay her $1 million

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. A blogger, who failed to read her wedding photography contract, raised the ire of her social media followers and put the photographer out of business. Now instead of the album fee, she is faced with a huge settlement cost.

Locadium: a new ‘point solution’ to monitor GMB listings changes

Frustrated by Google always changing your data in GMB dashboard? At least now you can be proactively notified.

FCC Tries To Slap Robocaller With $82 Million Fine

$82,000,000 Fine for a Spoofing Robocaller

Also, a New Mexico company was fined “$2.8 million for providing a robocalling platform that empowered users with easy caller ID manipulation.”

What Are The Best Car and Auto Online Review Sites?

Ranking your local business at Google: part 1 of 8 • Yoast

David Mihm is Blogging at with an 8 part series on how to rank in Local Search

New ADA Lawsuits Target Businesses

Alex Rutkowski – Google+

Discussion on Google+ and an article re: WCAG 2.0 compliant website lawsuits. Every new website you build should meet ADA standards. Its good for the disabled, its good for the search engines and its good for your business.

James Damore, the Google employee fired for his anti-diversity manifesto, is (almost certainly) not a victim of a free-speech violation

Exclusive: Here’s The Full 10-Page Anti-Diversity Screed Circulating Internally at Google

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