Video: Last Week in Local November 26, 2018
Mike Blumenthal

Every week we bring you a brief 15 minute video and the links of the best articles in Local Search. OK. It’s not always 15 minutes but we are never off by more than 10 minutes or so.;

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6 SEO Tools To Track Local Google Rankings ~ Your Virtual Assistant Service


How to Unlock the Power of Google My Business Search Queries – BrightLocal


Google My Business Insights’ Search Queries is a fantastic tool that helps you understand how visitors are finding your GMB profile. Here, contributor Ben Fisher explains how to use them to inform your on-site content and ads strategies.

Announcing the 2018 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey – Moz


The 2018 Local Search Ranking Factors survey is in! See what the top experts in the field of local SEO have to say about what’s affecting rankings most and where you should focus your efforts in the coming year.

The future of malls could look more like towns – Axios


The new “company town” – the mall as a manufactured urban experience. Fascinating that US land policy allowed the destruction downtowns with Malls and now we are in the process of privatizing these “new” downtowns.

Google’s Duplex is rolling out to Pixel owners — here’s how it works | VentureBeat


The first, real world view of their new, human sounding process to make restaurant reservations via Google Assistant.

PS In an interesting sidelight note the Yelp icon in the Assistant Knowledge Panel screenshot.

Google’s Backdoor Shift to a Social Network | Street Fight


Mike Blumenthal and David Mihm: In the case of Q&A, reviews, and the coming sports commenting feature, Google is looking to gain a better understanding of the entity, and in the case of the sharing buttons and the new ability to follow a business, Google is looking to better understand the individual so that it can improve the search experience now and in the future. That would be a very Googly social network.

Chrome Extension – Entity Extractor


Mejora tu SEO incluyendo las entidades de las que tratan tus competidores

Google My Business Insights Data Latency Not Being Improved Now


OK. Ilied. Last week I said that Google was going to update Google My Business Insights by the next day. That feature has been delayed at least 4 weeks.

Google Launches New Sign Up Process For Service Area Businesses | Local Search Forum


Google announced a new sign up process for Service Area Businesses that is not “brick and mortar with a checkbox” – I think it’s designed to make the sign up process easier for SABs and, as Mike added, to help cut down on the idea that a SAB has to set up multiple GMB listings to cover their service area.Google recently removed addresses in the GMB dashboard for service area businesses and now they have changed the sign-up process so that businesses can sign…

What SEOs Can Learn from AdWords – Whiteboard Friday – Moz


Dana DiTomasso did a really great whiteboard Friday over at Moz talking about using AdWords to fine tune SEO. From keywords, negative keywords, at text and more. Pretty interesting stuff.

Google Maps will let you chat with businesses – The Verge


Google also announced a new feature which allows consumers to chat with businesses via the Google Maps app, and also saves that conversation. Consumers and Businesses can look back and see what was discussed.

Google Rolls Out New Local 4-Packs for Hotels | Sergey Alakov


Sergey Alakov did a quick post about the new Google Local hotel packs. They’re redesigned and have a new look that varies dependent upon device. This shows them moving more and more into, as mike mentioned, bypassing GDS services and encouraging booking through Reserve with Google.

Local U Advanced Santa Monica – Online Marketing Conference


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