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Mike Blumenthal

Last week in Local 3/6/18

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Amazon, Walmart and Target are squeezing traditional grocery chains on price – Recode

The cost comparison for a basket of 15 common items for six major metro areas.

Walmart – $50.63
Target – $52.27
Amazon Fresh – $57.80
Regional grocers – $60.31
Whole Foods – $62.03
Jet – $67.77

MIT study shows how much driving for Uber or Lyft sucks | TechCrunch

On an hourly basis, the median profit was $3.37 per hour, with 74% of drivers earning less than the minimum wage in the state where they operate.

They also found a median driver generates $0.59 per mile of driving but incurs costs of $0.30 per mile; and almost a third (30 per cent) of drivers were found to incur expenses exceeding their revenue or to be losing money for every mile they drive.

Car Dealers – Placed Insights

Google’s Walled Garden: Are We Being Pushed Out of Our Own Digital Backyards?

Google’s Walled Garden: Are We Being Pushed Out of Our Own Digital Backyards?

Google is also trying to survive. Search has to evolve, and it has to answer questions and fit a rapidly changing world of device formats, from desktop to mobile to voice. I think the time has come, though, for Google to stop and think about the pact that built their nearly hundred-billion-dollar ad empire.

Just found out that Adwords Location Extension doesn’t keep up with GMB chang…

Adwords Location Extension doesn’t keep up with GMB changes, even though you “link” the GMB page. It pulls the info when first linked, and that’s that. If you change GMB info, it won’t update, you have to delete the extension and redo it.

Chatmeter Report Reveals Keys to Dominating Local Ratings | Street Fight

Chatmeter analyzed hundreds of thousands of customer reviews for retail locations of several major brands around the country.

“We really found out how good people were making a difference,” said Chatmeter’s marketing coordinator Rachel Larsen.

The report notes that Google received 90% of reviews, dominating Facebook and Yelp, though only half included text

Still means that Google got 10x the number of text based reviews as either Yelp or Facebook.


Which Sites Should You Focus on for Reviews?

A great whiteboard from Darren Shaw: Start with Google, then diversify to barnacle review sites.

Birdeye Asked We Take Down Our Article on Them, Here’s What We Did Instead – Classy Brain

Birdeye as a bully. Wants a blogger to remove mild criticism. Really?

Amazon Rolls Out Free Whole Foods Deliveries for Prime Members in San Francisco & Atlanta | Street Fight

Amazon offering free Whole Foods deliveries in Atlanta and San Francisco: In the new arrangement, orders of over $35 will be eligible for delivery within two hours. Prime members in San Francisco and Atlanta can pay $7.99 to receive their orders within an hour.

Timeline of Local SEO Changes in 2018 | Google My Business Update History

Joy Hawkins has started cataloging changes at Google My Business with A Timeline of Local SEO Changes in 2018.

Sign up for her newsletter to get future articles sent to your inbox. Mike has been doing this for years and years on his blog. It’s a highly valuable resource for the industry to be able to look back and see what happened when.

Mobile-First Indexing or a Whole New Google? The Local & International Impact – Article 4 of 4 – Mobile Moxie Blog

” The first article focused on information search, or “I want to know.” The second article focused on media, which fits with “I want to do,” as in, “I want to watch a video,” I want to play a podcast, “I want to listen to a song.” It could also include, “I want to turn on the lights,” or “I want to cast this image to the TV.” The third article was about shopping, so obviously fits with “I want to buy”. This last article will focus on location and maps, so it is mostly about the “I want to go,” micro-moment, but it also takes a more global perspective, and will discuss how language and location fit into all of the other micro moments.”

Beginner Local SEO | The Foundations of What Google Wants

Free video course for beginners on Local SEO. Could be a good place to send clients and perspective clients:

Carrie Hill – The Search Community Honors You

Our Carrie Hill honored by Barry Schwartz.

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