Video: Last Week in Local from LocalU June 4
Mike Blumenthal

Every week we bring you a brief 15 minute video and the links of the best articles in Local Search. OK. It’s not always 15 minutes but we are never off by more than 10 minutes or so.

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SEO Pricing is Ugly. Here are the Prices to Expect for SEO Packages [New Research] (2018) | Growth Ramp


We surveyed hundreds of agencies, freelancers, consultants, and contractors who provide SEO services. Here’s all the data and major takeaways on the current state of SEO pricing.

7 Ways to Build Trust With Your Website Visitors [Infographic]


Social Media Today

91% of Content Gets No Traffic From Google. And How to Be in the Other 9% (New Research by Ahrefs)


We studied almost one billion webpages and found that ~91% of them get no traffic from Google. Read this post to learn how to be in the other 9%.

Lawyers Send Mobile Ads To Phones In ER Waiting Rooms : Shots – Health News : NPR


Personal injury law firms are using location-based mobile ads to target people as they enter emergency rooms. The trend is raising concerns among patients and health privacy experts.

New Research Shows Which Digital Assistants Actually Know Stuff


Personal digital assistants are all around us, yet which of them actually help answer questions? Jay Baer discusses the state of personal digital assistants and which is best (Siri versus Alexa versus Google versus Cortana) with Eric Enge of Stone Temple.

Tech’s Titans Tiptoe Toward Monopoly – WSJ


Will Facebook, Google and Amazon be regulated or broken up like Standard Oil and AT&T? It depends on how they grow. .

Google’s Local Improvements—Posts Become Essential, and Mike Wins the Bet! | Street Fight


“Google’s made plenty of laudatory improvements to Google My Business and associated products over the past 24 months, and there does seem to be a qualitative shift in the way it’s approaching the space,”

Ex-Walmart US CEO slams Amazon for using cloud and ad profits to support retail


“They’re gaining traction and profitability by other business activities that have nothing to do with retail,” Bill Simons says.

No irony here, eh?

California ballot measure could become ‘America’s GDPR’ – Marketing Land


If California passes, we all will be effectively “forced” to function at the higher privacy standard.

Google launches a Q&A app for neighborhood communities in India – TechCrunch


With the next billion users expected to come online from developing countries in Asia, Google has a specialized team focused on creating products suited for those consumers and available devices. The latest is called Neighbourly, a social network of sorts for querying your neighbors.

Similar to Nextdoor, the service, according to Google, is designed to be a communal way for users to “ask your neighbours questions, share local expertise, and keep up with your neighbourhood.”

Interesting that Google is capable of developing a totally different local approach on a regional basis.

Google Websites Passes 2 Million Websites Nearing its First Anniversary


On June 13, Google Websites will be one year old. It was created to satisfy the needs of the very small business to have an easy, fast mobile website. In that time Google has managed to have had at least 2.2 million of the sites built.

Google has demonstrated that they can chew gum and walk at the same time in local.

Understanding Google My Business & Local Search


Posts is both the most unique and most actively developed new product in the Google Local portfolio so it’s useful to follow these types of changes.

Google Local After Antitrust – Careful What You Wish For


What might a local result look like on Google if Yelp gets their way in asking for Google to NOT show the Local Knowledge Panel?

This test gives an idea of what a post anti-trust ruling might just look like.

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