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Mike Blumenthal

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The most significant trend affecting brick-and-mortar stores is the relentless march of Amazon and other online retail companies.

Increased sales of clothing on line led to anchor stores going out and Malls being abandoned

US has 10x the retail space per capita as Germany

But the recent meltdown for retail brands is equally about the legacy of the Great Recession, which punished logo-driven brands, put a premium on experiences (particularly those that translate into social media moments), and unleashed a surprising golden age for restaurants.

Is American Retail at a Historic Tipping Point?

This transformation is hollowing out suburban shopping malls, bankrupting longtime brands and leading to staggering job losses.

More workers in general merchandise stores have been laid off since October, about 89,000 Americans. That is more than all of the people employed in the United States coal industry, which President Trump championed during the campaign as a prime example of the workers who have been left behind in the economic recovery.

Burger King’s new ad forces Google Home to advertise the Whopper – The Verge

New category of advertising: *AD HACKING*

Why pay for a long ad when a short can trigger Google Home to read the (recently modified) Wikipedia entry?

What Happens When Google Can Manipulate the Very News It Seeks to Protect?

What Happens When Google Can Manipulate the Very News It Seeks to Protect?

Google Accused Of Misleading Public About Cleaning Up Fake Content 

Laurie Sullivan does a good job summing up the issues confronting Google’s spam efforts (or lack thereof)

Many Small Businesses Lack SEO Knowledge

At Small Business Trends, Shubhomita Bose gives us a good infographic and talks about why SMBs struggle so much with SEO

How to find the balance between bots and customer service agents

Saleforce’s Meredith Flynn-Ripley – good piece on finding a balance between bots and humans for your customer service. Bots should not be replacing humans, but augmenting them.

BrightLocal is now tracking ads in the 3-pack. This makes me so happy!

Useful tactical information from Bright Local that is not tracking the new 3 pack  ads in their ranking reports

Great Discussion at Local Search Forum on what Local SE consultants charge

Sneak Peek – The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO – Local University

How to See ALL the Categories Your Competitors are Using on Google Maps

Video Deep Dive: How Google determines authority of local entities – Local University

Our thinking about the Google algo needs to change. They are not just measuring the stregnth of your website but of any page that they can associate with your business on the internet.

How to Get Found Using Local SEO Tactics with Mike Blumenthal

John Jantsch interviewed Mike about the ever changing Local Algo and how small businesses should think about it.

Top Local Citations by Business Category

Top 50 Local Citation Sites For USA, UK, Canada & Australia

If the new barnacle seo is about getting authority at authoritative local sites, then this is a great place to start.

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