Video: Last Week in Local July 23rd
Mike Blumenthal

Every week we bring you a brief 15 minute video and the links of the best articles in Local Search. OK. It’s not always 15 minutes but we are never off by more than 10 minutes or so.;

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The Guide to Local Link Building Via Existing Relationships | ZipSprout


written by Garrett French & Claudia Cruz How to Build Links Via Existing Relationships • Identify who you know who can potentially link to your website • Determine what kind of online asset will appeal to each individual • Reach out to every individual about the asset you can provide • Create the online asset • Send a

Reach Score Trends, What to sponsor and where? – Local University


ZipSprout has developed a way to measure the relative “reach” of non-profits for the purpose of choosing events for businesses to sponsor.

How To Optimize A Killer Landing Page That’s Perfect For Mobile


Mobile landing page optimization is more important than ever for local businesses. With Google’s mobile-first index rolling out far and wide, contributor Lee Dobson shares his top tips for mobile optimization, and tells us what to prioritize to make sure landing pages match the needs of consumers on-the-move.

Local Content + Scale + Creativity = Awesome #localUp | Nifty Marketing


This is my presentation from the moz + localu event #localup. Its about local content strategy. Enjoy.

Thread: Get Better Content from your Local Clients by Giving them these 4 Suggestions


Get Better Content from your Local Clients
by Giving them these 4 Suggestions

Here is another guest post by local search freelance writer Carmen Rane Hudson

Trying to help your clients compete with top-notch content?

Does Google Really Need a Social Network to Succeed at Local? | Street Fight


“The driving vision of Google’s entire local arc is to be able to give a single eyes-free answer to any query with local intent. Social features like reviews, Guides, business owner data, and Q&A are just the means to that end,” writes David Mihm in his biweekly column with Mike Blumenthal.

The Local SEO’s Guide to the Buy Local Phenomenon: A Competitive Advantage for Clients – Moz


The Buy Local movement is here to stay and growing — and its benefits to your local clients are almost endless. How can you harness its power and use Buy Local to help your clients see success?

Google Still Has A Lot of Work To Do When It Comes To Location… – Local SEO Guide


Andrew Shotland discusses how semantics can confuse Google’s location results.

Why is Buying Links a Problem? | IntegrateDigitalMarketing


Aside from going against Google’s Guidelines (which they may not enforce anyway,  and even break the rules themselves), what’s the problem with buying links?

Uber loses a ‘precedential’ victory, and some New York state drivers win ’employee’ status


Uber is the largest private employer in NYC by a large margin with over 65,000 “contractors”. If they many of them become “employees” as this ruling would indicate, there are huge implications for all businesses in this space.

If Uber wants to further contest the department’s findings, it will have to do so in state court.

New York City Sues Airbnb to Force Compliance With Subpoena –


New York City sued Airbnb Inc. seeking to force the company to comply with a subpoena for information about its listings, just days after legislators voted unanimously to force it to share the names and addresses of hosts in the city.

Airbnb refused and it looks like this will head to court as well.

Finally, at least in New York, there is some regulatory over-site of the “sharing economy”.

Beer and water, ordered by text to your seat at Citizens Bank Park – Philly


Apple is getting into the message as commerce play and this is one of their first tests. It’s pretty cool.

How Apple Business Chat delivery works


In a video produced by Aramark, the Phillie Phanatic demonstrates a new pilot system to allow fans in some sections to order beverages to their seats.

Watch the video carefully to see how it actually plays out it use.

Report: Google’s mobile search results now show image thumbnails 45% of the time – Search Engine Land


With the increase in display of photos in the mobile search results it makes sense to be sure that you have great photos every place that are properly named and branded.

Current Google Local Services Ads Markets & Verticals


As Google Local Services continues to spread into new markets and verticals it becomes more difficult to keep track of it all. Tom Waddington has assembled this list.

You will be surprised at the many verticals.

Google tests location tab for hotel knowledge panels – Search Engine Land


Hotels are the canary in the coal mine of Local Knowledge Panel monetization. This is a test of ever increasing immersive search.

Google Tests Price Insights for Hotel Listings | Sergey Alakov


Still yet another test of auto generated content showing price comparisons.

Bed & Breakfasts Forced to “Suck Hind Teat” at Google


Hotels get the brunt of Google’s monetization. But if you are small you are left with few options to avoid being taking advantage of by one big player or another as Google gives you little choice.

Video Deep Dive: Next Level ROI Reporting for Local SEO – Local University


A great chat with Colan Nielsen about how an agency can leverage Call tracking recordings to really help clients solve their most pressing problems.

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