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Correspondence Corner: How Do I Verify My GMB Location If I Don’t Have Mail Service Here?

By February 4, 2021 February 5th, 2021 2 Comments

We’ve received a question for the LocalU Correspondence corner from an anonymous submitter looking for help to get their GMB verified.


Their business does not receive mail, it’s a parking lot. While they did not indicate what category they are in, they might be a used car lot, a park and ride location, a metered private parking lot, or some similar business without mail delivery.

Locations that do not receive physical mail delivery are eligible for a GMB listing. Google has to mitigate the spammers who might take advantage of the legitimate no-mail-delivery locations – so they force us to work around the mail service a bit and jump through some hoops. For example, the town where I grew up had ZERO street delivery, every resident & business in town had a P.O. Box. That doesn’t mean they weren’t legitimate mechanics, stores, barbers, etc – they just didn’t get mail at their location.

To claim your Google My Business listing at a non-deliverable address, do NOT use a PO Box if that’s what you’re currently doing to receive non-GMB mail. This will most likely cause your listing to be suspended. Instead, you need to request a postcard at your physical location. When it doesn’t arrive in 2 weeks, you can contact Google My Business via this form.


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