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    Thanks Carrie.

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    Thanks Joy. Those are great suggestions. I will get on both of those.

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    This image sums up how I feel about AOL and Bing…

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    Thank you everyone. I will work on getting this into our battle plan.

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    It helps to hear similar struggles. I know Mike was talking about this issue with hotels coming up but from random photos. I am curious if what you did fixes the issue. I requested removal for the image and then I replaced the image on our site and uploaded some new images to GMB and selected a new profile image. No luck so far.

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    I will be there. I just booked my ticket and I would be interested in the event the day before.

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    Thank you both for your feedback. It’s different for me than what I do for our business and I am trying to see what I can do to get him on the right path within a lean budget.

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    Thanks Cody and I didn’t mean to imply this is all we would do. Obviously you have to have many parts of what you do in outreach and marketing.

    In talking with one PR firm it became pretty clear that I shouldn’t mix a public affairs issue with a promotional idea.

    It sounds like you are more in the vein of content creation for link building and doing this with scale. Do you feel this is more effective than building an overall PR strategy, consistent messaging, and some packaged PR responses to deal with issues different issues as they as they come up in the media?

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    Thank you for the quick response Mike and sorry for delay on my end.

    My goal is to build visibility for our practice but this is also a huge issue for clinicians in Texas. My business has one site but we are hoping to add a second location before the end of the year. The effort we are putting forth is starting with local coverage and building from there. I would be trying to coordinate this with efforts from other mental health associations but we wouldn’t be forming a new national presence. My only concern is how we position ourselves within this issue as I have heard TMA can be very vindictive as even doctors worry about getting in their crosshairs.

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    Thanks Mike. One other question on this same speed issue. Do you think a CDN is a worthwhile investment? I have gone back and forth on it primarily because most of our customers are in Austin and we use WPengine which is here too.

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    Thank you for all the feedback Mike, Mary, and David!

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    Thank you Mary and Mike. I know I still have a ton to learn and the group is a wonderful resource. I really appreciate your feedback on all of this and it is very helpful.

    Mike, I understand all your suggestions. Mary I have a few more questions for you to answer at your leisure.

    1) Would you title the “about us” as “Austin Counselors” or and “our fantastic blog” as “mental health tips”?

    2) I will work on the internal linking, especially from the homepage. I realize this is an area that is missed by having more information in the menu’s and submenu’s. I would like to rank more on things like child counseling, adhd counseling, aspergers counseling, teen counseling, career counseling, adult counseling, anger management counseling, etc. Mary, is there anything you suggest I read on internal linking to help me see more opportunities that I may be overlooking? Are there any plugins that could help me accomplish better internal linking?

    3) The links to our website are mostly to homepage. We have a social media person who is constantly doing a mix of pushes to remind people of services and pushing links to those sections (adhd, etc).

    4) Do you have any tools you suggest for helping with the on-site SEO, link profile and NAP consistency? I had whitespark update all of our links that they created and I used Moz Local to update the rest.

    5) For the Blog: We have been using the blog to help build awareness of issues we work with. We are reworking pieces of it to feed to news outlets as well and it has helped us on FB and LinkedIn.For more popular pieces, we are turning them into infographics and we starting to do video blogs too. Is there anything else I should be thinking of doing with the blog?

    Thank you again for your help Mary.

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