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    Hey Matt,

    This is Antonino Bologna, I saw your post and just wanted to help get the ball rolling

    Having markup is nice though I believe that according to Google best practices; you should only add schema markup to reviews on a website if they are generated by the website (incorrect markup can result in a manual penalty; I’ve had to lift a number of these with reconsideration requests in the past)

    Perhaps moving forward you can have your new reviews add to that page with AggregateRating Schema markup on new reviews. Otherwise you could possibly revisit the old one though your last review is fairly old (10+ months)

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    Everyone has made valid points in that if the content and all the permalinks remain the same with 301s where needed then “in the end” rankings will eventually be close and have the smallest “dance.”

    Though to add a little bit more information to be mindful of; if you are going from one domain to another you will always lose(degrade) some of that authority which means that you would want to ensure that you are doing some valuable off page SEO efforts in addition the on page work (301s, content, etc)

    (one example of creating new buzz could be to put together a press release that notes the domain change as well as any other major/important business updates)

    From my experience it’s best to hit a change like this from all angles; after all even Google says major SEO changes typically take 4 months to a year to see the potential benefits,

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    This is their previous business name, we have recently changed it on Yelp.

    in reply to: Site not ranking in SERP #12014

    I have attached the link. We just don’t want the brand name ranking from this so we have tried a bitly link.

    The domain name is what we are targeting. Look forward to what you can come up with.


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    Google+ offers the ability to embed reviews once shared in Google+. Would embedding the review from Google+ onto a website be considered duplicate content? I have a client that has great reviews that I want to promote on site.


    in reply to: Google+ Primary Category Shown Due to Alphabetical Sort? #3408

    I went ahead and removed the other categories for the time being. I would rather us be categorized and displayed for the primary category especially since this industry is highly sensitive to the difference between a Plastic Surgeon and a Med Spa.

    In my research, I am not seeing a categorical source to define this business solely as a “Medical Spa”. All citation categories are focused on Plastic, Reconstructive or Cosmetic Surgery terms where applicable.

    I appreciate everyone’s feedback and will continue to monitor.

    – Joe

    Thanks David and Mike for the quick response.

    The businesses are brick and mortar, the client owns a network of orthodontic practices throughout the state. Everything I have read tells me to sit tight, however it’s difficult to provide that response to our client when they are seeing their competitors’ robust Google+ pages. Has there been a definitive date on when everything will naturally transition over?

    Mike – I will test your method on one of the practice locations and let you know the result before making wholesale changes.

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