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    Mike Blumenthal

    Hello, the poor performer is located within a few miles of the good performer, however it is a service-area business – not a brick and mortar. Does this affect SEO performance?

    I am surprised that they were authorized being that close but its likely Google is not going to show more than one when they are that close.

    I would use a tool like Local Falcon to see if those locations have any reach in their immediate vicinity.

    Mike Blumenthal

    1- I would worry about appearance of reputation for any page 1/2 sites on a brand search only… a decent photo, touch once and done

    2- I would analyze conversaions and only worry about places that actually send some.

    Miss you too1

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    Mike Blumenthal

    How far distant are the poor performers from the one that is doing well?

    How are you assessing ranking? Ie tools and phrases?

    Mike Blumenthal

    1- I think you need to ask a fundamental question: Why are you updating the directory ecosystem? I know that it is perceived wisdom to do so and their is probably some profit in it but…

    My contention would be that much of the perceived wisdom is a function of a pre Knowledge Graph era and each and every action and directory needs to be assessed for current value. Many provide none.

    2- “Data Aggregators: Direct Manual Updating Quarterly: InfoGroup, LocalEze, Factual, and Acxiom”

    Acxiom is out of business, Factual and Localeze offer little value.

    InfoGroup is still used by Google and has a reasonable distribution so you should do it once. Only update when there is a change.

    3- “Major Sites: Direct Manual Update Quarterly for New Content and push reviews: GMB, FB, Yelp, Nextdoor, Foursquare, Bing, Angies List and Healthgrades.”

    GMB – obviously is well served with lots of attention incl but not limited to Posts, Q&A, photos and reviews on an ongoing basis

    Yelp – this is very geographically determined. It is declining in import in many markets but still matters in a few urban centers. Claim, and make accurate, monitor reviews but not much else?

    FourSquare feeds Uber, Lyft etc so it is worth a one and done. But updating? Why?

    Bing & Angies List- Do they actually send traffic to your clients? At best one and done.

    Healthgrades – important for both reviews and rep in the medical space. Worth monitoring, keeping up to date and getting reviews.

    4- “Other Sites: Update Manually Annually: Vitals, ShareCare, RateMDs, Real Self,”

    Do they send any traffic or conversions?

    My sense, once and done. Monitor for reviews but others fogedaboutit.

    5- Others to consider for once and done would be GPS like Here and TomTom so that driving directions are accurate for your older clients.

    You should test a few clients where you do very little of the above and see if the results are any different.

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    Mike Blumenthal

    If it has been more than a few days than the likely reason is that it has been hidden by the spam algo.

    Sometimes they show quickly and don’t show for 24-36 hours and then show back up.

    If it has more than 48 hours and it hasn’t shown it’s probably toast.

    Since you have the text you can reach out to @googlemybiz and see if they will recover for you.

    Mike Blumenthal

    The way that a multi location website does well locally is by 1) getting local links and 2) passing internal link strength. There are too many variables at the site level to determine anything competitive but it would seem to me that you could look at internal and external linking to the location landing page as a benchmark

    in reply to: One Location, Two Verticals #20055

    Mike Blumenthal

    Google has been cracking down at multiple businesses at a single location particularly when they are SABs…. but it is possible and you need to follow rules to a T

    1- Different website
    2- different phone
    3- Answer phone as the different business
    4- file both as DBAs
    5- different categories
    6- Different signage and (preferably but not required) different entrances

    They need to be able to pass video verification

    in reply to: GMB Issue – Agency account #20018

    Mike Blumenthal

    Here is the post at google that has been elevated as a trending issue (which means google is looking)

    And you can follow the issue there as well.

    in reply to: GMB Issue – Agency account #20017

    Mike Blumenthal

    It has been happening to several others and has been posted and escalated to Google.

    You can try this form

    I will update you when google chimes in

    in reply to: Map Listings #19980

    Mike Blumenthal

    “would you suggest using local optimization and organic? ”

    I think that in this case they may be largely the same…since the client has a lot of search terms with state name, back links to those using states in the anchor would provide benefit. The only difference in this case is that the local results might benefit more from newspaper article etc that just mention the entity.

    “Would you treat a campaign for statewide search, most searchers out of state, differently that a traditional local campaign?”

    Yes slightly. In that you would target the geo targeted phrases more because in that situation searcher are, to a very large degree are using the geo modifier.

    in reply to: Map Listings #19405

    Mike Blumenthal

    Google doesn’t have a predefined list of searches that will show the Local Pack. You can see that while “deer hunting in tx” generates a pack, the same query in most other states do not.

    If a search query has a geo element and the local result has had high enough relevance it will show in the organic results.

    This relevance value is a combination of the values for that term across any site that Google looks at. that refers to the businesses. And if the result(s) pass the threshold value will “make it out of maps and into the main search results”.

    I did some experiments a few years back demonstrating this. You can see those in the recording of my preso (down the page) here:

    When the geo term is used, the center of that term is the geo point of focus.

    Once a pack is showing, then ranking is based on relevance, prominence and distance for that cohort.

    So if your client is within the view portal you only need to work on prominence and relevance to get them to move into view. If they are outside the view portal then they have to have significantly more relevance and promince to break in.

    Hope that is clear. If not watch the video and fire away.

    in reply to: Map Listings #19403

    Mike Blumenthal

    Can you provide some sample searches? It would help to provide a better answer.

    This has long been the case, that 3 packs would show on statewide searches, when the states were small like Connecticut.

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