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    And for reference the address for Millstream Construction is 255 Williams St E, Glastonbury, CT 06033

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    Thanks David! I’ll share this data and direction with our client!

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    Yext got back to us after they sent a request to their Product Support team and we were told that Yext doesn’t support counties or states for GMB service areas. They only support cities and zips at the moment, which seems strange because GMB accepts all four variations. I think as a workaround we will have to pick cities from each county as a potential solution although I’ve seen many discrepancies as it is on matching service area shades.

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    Hey Mike and Joy – just wanted to say thank you for your advice and help on this one. We finally got the service area on GMB to work…with counties.

    Following up I just wanted to share some notes -as we hit several walls along the way.

    First off – this clients service area is way too big and therefore was a big issue with getting this to ever fit accordingly. They are legally in business to service 97 counties between Missouri and Illinois. And I found out that Google My Business did not like 97 counties, as the map populated a shrunken service area compared to their actual range.

    What wound up working was cutting their service area by counties mostly in half. I handpicked a county all along the border of their set service area with a few of the main counties around their office….and viola perfect service area Google Maps coverage.

    The second biggest wall we hit was syncing this service area junk on GMB with Yext. Which we use as a way to help us manage hundreds of clients listings for us. =|

    The problem we were experiencing is that Yext’s API or backend with GMB doesn’t allow counties to be input for service areas and also there are different maximums for city/zip input between the two (still unsure what the actual discrepancy here is). So for example if we had a client with a service area input on GMB with counties working correctly and also on Yext synced to GMB with the same exact counties …I believe Yexts data takes priority over GMBs and therefore was creating discrepancies between what was published.

    So to make it work and to triple check we used several other clients locations including this one and unsynced the accounts from Yext via GMB and have gotten the results we wanted. We have contacted our Yext reps about this issue and we are hoping they will have a solution or update for us moving forward..if not it’s going to be a pain because with GMB connected it allows us to get their review monitoring feature funneled into our own internal platforms.

    Aye-yi-yi…thanks again.

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    Thanks guys for the input and response, at the moment I’ve added some counties to their GMB service area and the edit is pending. I’ll report back if and when the changes are made or if they aren’t. I may have to convert the service area to all counties, and perhaps that is what Mike suggested above but to save some time I just wanted to try sprinkling in a couple distant counties to start and see if that would work.

    Thanks so much Joy! When you suggest providing Google Feedback, is there a Google Support link for this or would it be just be through the GMB Twitter?

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    Thanks Mike, I’ve attached both service area GMB set-ups.

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    Any thoughts from the LocalU community on multiple Google+ pages? Even it’s an up-to-date article on what to do with multiple G+ pages or best policy?

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    Awesome! Thanks Mike, per usual you are the best.

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    A) Thanks. What kind of post would you put, that “we have the same content in English and an English site?” To recap it’s only 1 location, we only have 1 listing, and we want to get the English url added to the listing.

    Thanks again!

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    Hey Mike,

    Thanks and to your question, yes. If a client covers all of a state/large service area our team will manually enter each and every city into GMB and then into Yext. We do some geography/demographic research prior to setting up our clients service area – so for the most part our websites will display cities sorted by average household income and population.

    When you say:
    If that is the case then you probably need to rethink your assumptions about that field. I have never seen it impact a business beyond about 15 miles of their location.

    Can I have your reassurance that my team/agency is wasting our time setting up giant service areas since the local service area map covers 10-15 miles functionally? Why does GMB allow businesses to have service areas set-up with a radius or manual entry larger than 10-15 miles?

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    Wow, had no idea this exists hahah. Thank you Mike! Gonna give this a try now.

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