‘Tsunami Hits The Philippines; SEO Industry Comes To A Halt’ & Other Headlines You Won’t See in 2018
Mike Blumenthal

In an effort to recognize the SEO value and importance of fake news in the coming year, I asked a number of local friends for local headlines that they would like to see in 2018 but most likely wouldn’t. Please add your own to the comments.


Google Says It’s Made Enough $$$ – No More Ads!Mary Bowling

Headlines are always factually incorrect – Joel Headley

Tsunami Hits The Philippines; SEO Industry Comes To A HaltAndrew Shotland

John Mueller Caught On Hot Mic After Webmaster Hangout Saying “Fuck It, Just Buy Some Damn Links Already”Andrew Shotland

Apple maps becomes the “most accurate” place to find local businesses.Mike Ramsey 

Google Decides not to monetize maps because “it’s just getting too expensive to run a small business.” Mike Ramsey 

Google reveals previously secret details of organic ranking algo noting: “We can now do so as all of the critical ranking slots are paid.” – Mike Blumenthal

Google Gets Confused: Local Service division starts tp pick up phone calls and provides answers to small businesses about their “free” GMB listing – Mike Blumenthal

Facebook Realizes Liking a Business Page Means You Want to See Its Content, Not Just Its AdsMatt McGee

SEOs Abandon Twitter; Avalanche of 280 Character 2018 Predictions “Straw That Broke Camel’s Back”Andrew Shotland

Google brings back improved Mapmaker to assist business owners in correcting location issues! Carrie Hill

Google Reviews Are Starting to Become Trustworthy. –Joy Hawkins

3 Tactics that are Guaranteed to Boost You to Position 1 Overnight! Joy Hawkins

Net Neutrality reinstated after Trump’s Twitter impressions suffer from low subscription rateMegan Hannay

Google Takes Action on Spam by Demoting the Importance of Keyword in the GMB Business NameDarren Shaw 

Yelp introduces YelpNPS, a product to help business owners solicit feedback from all customers, not just millennial hipsters with an overinflated sense of the value of their opinions to society.David Mihm

Google decides to enforce workplace equality, hires 15,000 female engineers. – Mike Blumenthal


Please add your own headlines you would like to see in 2018 but probably won’t to the comments.

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