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    Question to PPC managers who mange account with hundreds of locations.

    In AdWords, you can’t filter Location Extensions by Province/State.

    Is that correct?


    Here I asked the question as I consider to change targeting to a radius around all location extensions. Yet, as I have (at least) one campaign per Province, I want to limit location extensions associated with a campaign to location extensions located in the Province (without having to manually add all extensions).

    Dana DiTomaso

    I talked to my business partner Jen who handles this aspect of AdWords for us and she said “call your AdWords rep”. We’ve found that the new implementation of location extensions to be very buggy and she doesn’t think that there is an easy answer to this.


    Dana, thanks for your help on this. I appreciate.

    P.S. I’m curious. Are you taking Jen with you to Seattle? 😉

    Dana DiTomaso

    No worries! Unfortunately, Jen is not coming to Seattle with me.


    Dana, hi. I’m curious. My Google Rep was not helpful in finding a way to easily limit what extensions are associated to which AdWords campaigns. The idea being to only associate to my Ontario campaigns local extensions with an address in Ontario. Before I get a developer to work with the APIs to do just that, do you think that I could hire Jen for a phone consult so I get her help on this? Thanks.

    P.S. As the account has more than 500 local extensions, I can not filter by hand.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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