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    Mike Blumenthal

    Okay this was a bit of surprise. Dave Oremland pointed out that Bing is doing exactly the same thing in using Yelp to drive a Local One Box, although not at the top position for the search Dive Bar Olean etc:

    Equally surprising was its appearance as the first bar on the Bing Carousel for “bars olean“. It would appear that review counts at Yelp are a significant ranking factor:

    At Google the search phrases that trigger the one back have been expanded to include Dive Bars Olean (without the state attached) although not the #1 spot :

    Somewhat surprising to me is that the reviews from first time Yelpers are sticking and have not been removed. There are three reviews from newbies that are sticking. Not sure what is up with that unless Yelp takes more than 4 days to nuke them? That raises several questions:
    Are reviews at bars/restaurants more likely to stick?
    Are rural reviews more likely to stick?

    This one box, in real estate no less, shows that a local website that ranks well amidst a sea of more powerful national websites can also seem to precipitate the same affect and cause a local result to be shown. Homes for Sale Fredericksburg Va Local result:

    Topics for testing:
    Can a 1 Pack be expanded to a 2 Pack by doing the same thing?
    Can a strong showing in a Yelp like situation force a listing into an existing 3 pak?
    What other sites can have the same local affect as Yelp?

    Darren Shaw

    I’ve seen Yelp reviews from newbies appear, and then disappear a few days later. My theory is that Yelp gives them a chance to stick around if they get useful, cool, or funny votes from other Yelpers. If no one likes the review, and the user isn’t active, then it will get filtered.

    Another thought is that some users are active in other ways without leaving reviews. They log in, they like other reviews, they use the mobile app, etc. This may be enough activity to avoid the filter.

    Pure speculation, of course.

    Mike Blumenthal

    Well at least two of these (my wife and my son) have not and will not be active. The one review has been up since Saturday.

    Maybe it’s a weekly sweep?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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