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    Mike Blumenthal

    As you know I have been experimenting with Yelp to see if it can drive Google local results. You can see the previous posts:
    Observations & Premise (read comments)
    Starting to see some success

    On Saturday, March 21st my wife, son and I actually went to 3rd Base Bar & Grill to see what was what.

    It was everything it was cracked up to be:
    -working class folks throwing them back at the bar at 1:00 PM
    -pool tables, dart boards
    -decor was old paneling and plywood from the early 80’s with all sorts of beer memorabilia adorning the walls: A Rolling Rock thermometer, A Miller Lite wall calendar and much more
    -very good AND cheap food (a turkey, bacon and cheese on rye with fries for $6).
    – two very hard working, cheerful women waiting, handling the bar, cashiering and cooking… and were they cooking. They produced huge buckets of chicken wings to go while we ate lunch.

    New Activities at Yelp
    My son checked in on Yelp and added a photo and a review
    I added a few photos and checked in
    My wife ate her turkey sandwich and I helped with the fries after I finished my wings
    A total stranger left review #9. The first truly public review in a long, long time.

    On mobile, Google picked up the new reviews AND, lo and behold, started showing a 3 pac on 3/23. Less than 48 hours after the 8 and 9th reviews, less than a week after the 7th review and less than 3 days since the Yelp listing showed up in the top 3 organic spot:

    Organic desktop results have not caught up with reviews 7-9 yet and is not yet showing a pak as of this AM. Note that the organic Yelp result for the 3rd Base listing is still showing 6 reviews like it did late last week.

    New questions:
    Is mobile indexing happening faster at Google than desktop?
    Once the desktop catches up with the 3 new reviews will it show a pak?
    How many reviews (or strong reviewers) will it take to push the Yelp listing from #3 organic to #1?
    And when it does get to #1 will Google show a One Box?

    Some preliminary conclusions:
    Reviews drive Yelp rank within Yelp
    Rank within Yelp drives rank at Google
    Review content at Yelp drives relevance at Google
    Enough rank & relevance from Yelp seems to drive a local pak.
    Will either my son’s review with check in or the other newbie’s review be taken down?

    Some cautions:
    As Rand says, correlation is not causation. While I have limited many variables here there are a few that are not controllable like Google responding to user searches. It could be that the increase in local searches on the phrase “Dive bars Olean NY” is what is driving the pack results.

    Also driving a pak result in an area with little inventory and no competition does not necessarily apply to searches that are more competitive.

    PS Visual Ping picked up this change on the desktop to 9 reviews and Pak on 3/22 although they show it changing back today:

    Mike Blumenthal

    Interestingly on Google Now, the Pack is at the top of the search results.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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