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    Question to fellow canadians. What to think about Yext in Canada? Better to wait for MOZ to come to Canada OR does it make sense to get on-board?



    Mike Blumenthal

    Typically Yext doesn’t deal with Google’s primary data providers. That appears to be the case here as well.

    The question is whether it saves or makes you money or not.

    That depends on the annual cost. And the benefit to you.

    What do you think it costs to claim and verify your listings at the locations they offer?

    How much revenue will you generate from being in those directories.

    In the US the fact that it is $450 a year for mostly second rate directories and none of the primary data providers makes it hard to get a good ROI for most businesses.


    Mike, thanks for asking the good questions.

    This may sound silly, but I’d go with a follow-up question.

    How to find out who are Google’s primary data providers in Canada?


    Darren Shaw

    The primary data providers in Canada are yellowpages.ca and Industry Canada. Both of them will need to be managed manually, even for large multi-location businesses. No bulk or API options. 🙁

    Although Yext doesn’t list it, I have heard they have some kind of relationship with Yellowpages.ca. Maybe it’s only something they offer to large enterprise.

    These sites on their list are worthwhile:
    ShowMeLocal (sort of)

    The rest are useless. Is $450/year worth it for those sites? I wouldn’t think so.


    Mike Blumenthal

    Historically it has been the Yellow Page group in Canada as Darren points out. However I am not so sure that is still the case as:
    1- Google Maps no longer shows a link to them which it historically did.
    2- The Legal Notices page does not list the Yellow Page group (which it used to)
    My theory was that last year when Google forced GMB claimants to hit submit was a way to get out of their YP commitment and retain those claimants. That is obviously speculation but worth pursuing.

    Here is the flow that David put together in 2013


    Darren Shaw

    WHAT?! If Google is no longer using Yellowpages for Canadian data, then this is huge news. Any way to get additional confirmation on this, Mike?


    Mike Blumenthal

    There are several paths we could follow

    1- We could find an aberrant record in YP and see if it shows up in Google
    2- We could see if any of our contacts know
    3- I could write an speculative article and see if any comes out of the weeds.

    Let me work on #2. Can you ask Nyag to look at #1?


    Darren Shaw

    I have mentioned this thread to Nyagoslav already, so I’m sure he’ll be on the case! 🙂

    Who would they replace Yellowpages.ca with? Factual? Acxiom? InfoCanada?


    Mike Blumenthal

    My thinking at the time that they did the weird “submit or else” thing was that they would go with Industry Canada, GMB and MapMaker.

    I have sent out queries to those in the industry and am waiting for a response.


    Dana DiTomaso

    I’m replying to this thread solely so I can get email updates.

    I can say with 100% certainty that Industry Canada is still a primary data source.

    And to answer the original question – Yext isn’t worth it.


    Mike Blumenthal

    I will publishing an article shortly.

    Here is what I have learned:
    1- Yellowpages.ca is no longer a primary data supplier for Google
    2- Starting in fall of 2013 Google renegotiated their terms to one of purchasing the data instead of licensing the data. Some of their partners did not agree to those terms and left the program.
    3- For some of those partners in the Middle East and elsewhere, they agree to the new terms but the program has not yet been implemented and they still show as licensees.
    4- In November 2013 timeframe Google released an updated licensee list.
    5- Many new companies in many new countries showed up.
    6- One obvious one missing – the US. InfoUSA and Acxiom no longer showed up as licensees.
    7- Shortly after the Feb email that Google sent I noticed (Mar 2014) that some searches did NOT show the Yellowpage.ca link (car dealers in Toronto) but many did (plumbers in Edmonton)

    What I speculate
    1- That the links to YP disappeared over the last year and that YP did not agree to the new terms
    2- That either InfoUSA and/or Acxiom did agree to them
    3- That those emails in Australia and Canada were to get the listings in order for this transition
    4- That the transition, while contractually in place, has not taken place outside of those 3 English speaking countries yet.

    What we don’t know and would be good to know
    1- Who replaced Yellowpages.ca
    2- Which companies in Australia and the US are now providing primary data

    I am still asking around.


    Mike Blumenthal
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