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    J.R. PortmanJ.R. Portman

    I’m sure this is a tired question, but I have a new client who has been posting to a G+ brand page for a while (non-local) and not their Local page. Am I right in advising them to direct all G+ posting activity to their local G+ page from here on out and just abandon their brand page?

    I believe this was the advice given to me at some point in time from a GMB help line specialist, and I think they also said there is no way to port posts from a brand page to a local page. Is that correct? Should the client just abandon their brand page in favor of the local page, delete it (is that possible?), or be active on both? In this particular instance, neither the brand G+ page nor the Local G+ page have many followers to worry about loosing.

    Mike Blumenthal

    In almost all (but not all) situations a G+ Local Page is the more powerful of the two page types. More powerful in the sense that it is easier to get it show on the front page of Google for branded searches and offers review capability for “social proof”.

    So generally, unless there are unusual circumstances, we recommend using the Local for all posting and abandoning the Brand page.

    As a note you can transfer the Local Page authorization to the Brand page if the brand page has more followers and it has more content already there. See https://localu.org/blog/google-now-allows-brand-pages-become-local-pages/ Authorization, local infomration like address and reviews move over to the brand page and it becomes a local page.

    J.R. PortmanJ.R. Portman

    Just the info I needed. Thanks Doc.

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    J.R. PortmanJ.R. Portman

    If the local page already has more followers, I don’t suppose it is worth it to make the merge, eh? So, in that case, should I delete the brand page or just leave it be? Does G see it as a duplicate?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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