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    One more question about AdWords for local: What happens when URL from GMB does not match AW one?. Here I’ve in mind the case in which the URL associated to listings in Google My Business does not match the URL an advertiser uses on AW. The case being that a franchisee use their own site in GMB, yet AdWords campaigns is managed for the chain on the main domain.

    Any thoughts on this?



    Dana DiTomaso

    Shouldn’t cause any problems since the two products are completely separate. Only issue I can see is in terms of branding and having two different URLs show up for the same brand/location on the same SERP.


    Dana, hi. Here I had in mind the case in which you want to use addresses from GMB as location extensions into AdWords. Any thoughts on this?


    Dana DiTomaso

    That should also be just fine.



    Yep, as Dana says, it is fine. When the person managing the AdWords campaign goes to add a new location extension, he or she is given the choice to log in to GMB with a different Google login. As long as that person has the business’s GMB login credentials, it won’t be a problem to add that location as a location to the corporate AdWords account.

    – Daniel


    Dana, Daniel, thanks for your feedback on this. I appreciate!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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