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    Maybe someone would be able to shine his/her light on this?

    Yesterday, based on a previous post, I tried to check what the difference would be in Local Pack results by using my VPN’s London server location compared to Google’s own Search Location (London, UK). Also with a view on the fact that Pigeon has not hit the UK yet, I wanted to take some Before & After screenshots.

    However, the results left me a little baffled.

    The results I am getting below are on iPad, using Safari while being logged out of Google and having cleared my History, Cookies and Data.

    The weird thing now is that I keep getting real local results when I opt for “Use my location”. The VPN server is based in London, but I still keep seeing Local Pack results for BB10 postcode which is Burnley and several hundreds of miles away (but where I am actually based). This is after logging out of Google, and clearing History, Cookies and Data; and ultimately rebooting my iPad. So, what could be overriding the VPN Server location?
    I get the same results after changing the VPN location to Dublin, so theoretically my Public IP address should be somewhere in Ireland?

    Google Local Pack more local than expected

    VPN Server Location Dublin

    Does anyone know what is happening here?

    Many thanks,
    Kind regards,


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