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    Hi researching tools to find duplicate listings in 2018.

    I was recommended to use local finder search but even with that, i cannot seem to find duplicate listings.

    Is there any tools which are good at doing this?



    Joy Hawkins

    Hey Chris,

    This tool is pretty good but depending on the type of business and what type of listings you’re looking to uncover, I might have further suggestions. Can you let me know what type of business it is or possibly the name and location?



    Hey Joe,

    So we have about 70 venues in GMB across Australia. Which are resturants, pubs, etc.

    One example Venue with a lot of duplicate listings is:

    Actual listing:

    Duplicate listing 1

    Duplicate listing 2

    So the goal with tool would be to find those duplicate listings 1 and 2 and if possible alert when found.



    Joy Hawkins

    Hey Chris

    I attached a sample from my guide that I was using for a promotion I’m doing and it includes the section that shows the method I use that would unsurface all 3 listings (see page 5). I tried it and showed me all 3.

    If it doesn’t work for you for some reason, let me know.


    Joy Hawkins

    Okay apparently the file size exceeds the limit for the forum so here’s the link to it: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/19tJMNSkqY495T5rU5A3QeJ8CHP815RTmxl8jaWjL4Ok/edit?usp=sharing


    Thankyou Joy!


    Hey Joy,

    Just want to confirm – How to Find Duplicate Listings in your guide is a manual based process, just wondering if you know any automated solutions of performing this funcion of duplication checking?



    Mike Blumenthal

    Moz & Naptune have this capability but both are flawed. How many locations are you looking at?

    PS the maximum zoom level in Maps also works as a way to find duplicates sometimes.


    Hi Mike, it’s around 60 + locations so looking for some tool to do the process.


    Mike Blumenthal

    Like Joy said, the best tool on a stand alone basis is the Pleper tool. All of the citation products (Brightlocal, NapTune, Moz, Synup, Yext etc) have some capabilities in this regard. I have never tested to compare for this feature. From what I have seen Yext is least focused on solving the issue long haul.

    If you are going to be using a citation product then one of your checks offs would be this capability. From what I have seen, just the fact that they report at scale doesn’t make solving the issues any easier. Sometimes, unfortunately, local is a lot of grunt work.

    The critical step to me is to clean these listings at the source, on the website and at the top tier websites. Beyond that its a lot of work for little gain.


    Joy Hawkins

    Sorry for the delay (I’m on vacation this week). Like Mike, I haven’t found an automated solution that works well. It always tends to miss some so I prefer the accuracy of doing it manually.


    Ok thanks, guys, didn’t see Pleper tool i will check it out. Also looks like they can also monitor and have mentioned We provide monitoring for your added listings and if any changes occur, you will be notified in your PlePer account..

    Looks like could be a cheaper solution and alternative to Locadium.com.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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