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    My small business has been using Hootsuite for the past year and have it connected to UpContent for more quickly finding relevant content. We have had some frustration as they have limited their ability to schedule out content and had problems with their bulk uploader. This has led me to wonder if there might be a better alternative out there. I was noticing that there are tools like SocialBakers and Buffer out there and I was wondering what you all might suggest? Happy holidays everyone!

    Carrie HillCarrie Hill

    Hi William,

    I’ve looked at a lot of tools and have settled quite happily at Zoho Social. It’s not as “pretty” as some others, but it works – and allows you to not only post but to also monitor and respond – which a lot of other social media platforms don’t allow.

    It has a bulk uploader at certain levels. I don’t use that feature so I don’t have that level of plan – but from what I found, it’s one of the more affordable platforms as well.


    Thanks Carrie.

    Paula French

    Hi William,

    In early 2016, we did a product evaluation in order to switch from Hootsuite – we chose Sendible for the best balance of cost and features.

    Our most important factors in evaluation were:
    – Strong bulk upload capability
    – Overall price
    – User scale – Multiple seats without a ton of extra cost
    – Exportable white label reports

    Other factors:
    – Ability to edit queued posts
    – Client scale – adding lots of profiles without a ton of extra cost

    We narrowed a list of ~25 down to 5 finalists, and Sendible won out!
    Falcon Social

    Hope that helps 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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