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    Ben Walsh

    Hey guys,

    I’m updating our competitor analysis processes and I’m wanting to know if anyone has some kind of rough formula when gauging what you have to do when you are competing for a number one position and the website types are different.

    Specifically multi-location vs single location

    So as is my understanding to rank a location page from a multi-location business at say number 1 for your main key term requires a much more powerful website when compared to a single location website dedicated to just that area. Obviously, that’s with all other metrics being equal (on page etc)

    Now If you are doing work for a single location business and the number 1 competitor is a single location business it’s relatively easy to benchmark what needs to be done to pass them and get that number 1 spot

    However, if you are a single location with a clear local advantage against a multi-location website, how do you accurately benchmark against a multi-location business that overall needs a lot more authority to power the ranking location page?

    Is there at least some sort of rule of thumb I can work off,

    Ben Walsh

    Hey Guys,

    Any ideas on this?

    Mike Blumenthal

    The way that a multi location website does well locally is by 1) getting local links and 2) passing internal link strength. There are too many variables at the site level to determine anything competitive but it would seem to me that you could look at internal and external linking to the location landing page as a benchmark

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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