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    Trying to think of the best way to go about this. I’ve been a little too interested in a local electrician lately. The company is Wire Works here in Colorado Springs.

    They caught my attention when, as you’ll see if you click the link, they were getting spammy with their name on Google My Business (Wire Works Co Inc Electricians, Home Theater Colorado Springs). Side note- if you’re interested, here is what they are registered as with the CO SOS. I looked into the business website further, it appears they are using a virtual office in Downtown Colorado Springs.

    Well, at least I THINK he is using a virtual office. Here’s the problem, the Regus location actually does offer legitimate office space AND the business owner can choose if he/she wants the business name listed on the public directory.

    I’m dying to find a legitimate reason to report it. However, theoretically, the business could be using the legitimate space option and choosing to withhold the name from the directory. I have doubts this is the case, esp. since the address listed with the SOS is in Cascade, CO, but I can’t be 100%. I mean, they could just say the place is staffed when called. -or- Until you actually figured out where the Wire Works space is (if it exists)… the staff is both there and isn’t at the same time right?

    Bad joke, but seriously… what is a good way of going about figuring this out? I’m probably just overthinking this?

    Just report both?

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