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    Shea BenedictShea Benedict

    Hey guys,

    I was testing a clients’ schema and I noticed “2 Errors + 1 Warning” popped up. I cross checked with other clients’ schemas and the same errors/warnings are showing, which is funny because I didn’t notice this yesterday. Is anyone else seeing this on their end? And if so, what steps are you taking to correct it?

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    Mike Blumenthal

    Do you mind sharing the page URL?

    Shea BenedictShea Benedict

    Of course! Here is my client’s URL:

    Here is the link when tested in the Structured Data Testing Tool:

    Some other client URL’s include:

    David DeeringDavid Deering

    Hi Rebecca. In the example you provided, the name of the Attorney is missing. I see that the “legalName” property has been added to their home page markup now, which is fine, but you should still also use the “name” property as well. The value can be the same for both. You should also remove the name property from within the PostalAddress type.

    The fact that the testing tool is requiring an “image” property and, even stranger, a “priceRange” property is really odd. Those are false error messages, so you can ignore them. I’ll try to contact someone at Google to let them know about that. Since you mentioned that these error and warning messages are new, most likely the tool got updated yesterday or today and a little quirk found it’s way into the tool.

    But I hope that helps.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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