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    Mike Blumenthal

    I was marveling that seller ratings go to a third party site.

    Phil Rozek

    Yeah, there are only a couple of sites that aggregate reviews like the ones in the screenshot (mostly for ecommerce sites). ResellerRatings is one. BazaarVoice is another. There may be a couple more.


    Hi all, there has been a lot of activity here. I confirm that Seller Rating Extensions and Location Extensions are separate. Yet, in the example I initially gave, the stars linked to the Google+ Local page of the business (where the reviews were available) while – when Seller Rating Extensions are shown – a click on the ratings brings you to a page hosted by Google that displays reviews left on third-parties (like https://www.google.co.uk/shopping/seller?q=1ereavenue.com).

    FYI, this morning, for https://www.google.ca/#q=extension+cheveux+montréal, one can see another example of ratings from Google+ Local being shown below an ad… without me having figured out how to produce that for a client 🙁

    Mike Blumenthal

    Have you tried calling Google AdWords support? Clearly they could be Adwords Express which makes it easy. But the question of whether you can get your Plus Review stars on a regular AdWords campaign should be able to be answered by them.

    Worldwide Phone Support Information – https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/1385067
    US – (1-866-246-6453)


    Awesome. Let me talk to Google and get back to you on this. Thanks.

    Phil Rozek


    I tried getting a client’s Google Plus review stars showing in his standard (non-Express) AdWords campaign. Technically Google seemed to allow it, but I ran into some issue that I couldn’t figure out. The rules for excerpting directly versus paraphrasing a review are very unclear. Still haven’t figured it out. I’d be interested in hearing what you find, Adrien.


    Here are the information I’ve just got from an official rep:

    So, first, you have to make sure that you add the Google+ Local page as an Ad Extension within the AdWords interface. Once you have done that, there is not a guarantee that the Reviews& Stars will appear as it depends on:

    • Are there enough pertinent reviews for that business.
    • Position of the Ad and available Ad Slot space.

    He then added that, when he meant Ad Extension, he meant Social Extensions.

    This does not really answer my questions… as I have still not managed to get a client to have their ratings displayed (rather than their number of followers on Google+). Anyway. I keep you posted if I notice anything new on this subject.


    Mike Blumenthal

    With Seller extensions you will need a minimum of 35 reviews at 4/5 or higher for Google to start showing these as Seller Rating Extensions. So there is apparently a similar threshold for local reviews the question being: what is the number?

    Phil Rozek


    I don’t think there’s a threshold. For one thing, there’s no mention of a minimum review count in Google’s guidelines:


    Also, review extensions don’t show reviews in aggregate. An extension in any given ad shows a direct or indirect quote from one specific review.


    We were only able to replicate showing Google Reviews with ads in Adwords Express.


    Julius, thanks for sharing that with us. I appreciate!


    Guys, hi.

    Here is a late update on that subject.

    Today, I’ve come up ads from that national account I manage for a client (with 500+ addresses in their GMB) THAT DISPLAYED THE STAR RATINGS.

    I’ve then played around and I managed to see ratings for other location extensions than the one I first spotted… but it is very seldom… so I have no way to reproduce that at will, but I’ve seen it.

    The common points between those location extensions seen with ratings was that they had more than 10 ratings (and the average was between 4 and 5).

    Mary Bowling

    Until very recently, I believe you could only get review stars in ads via AdWords Express (or product ads). Now, if you have Google My Business hooked up correctly to Adwords and 5 or more Google reviews, you can get them in regular Adwords campaigns using location extensions. This may not have rolled out across the board, yet.


    Mary, you’re right. I’ve now seen – in Montreal – ads with ratings with no more than 5 reviews (and I confirm that those are from AdWords accounts and not AdWords Express accounts).


    Just found a case with 3 advertisers showing with star ratings…

    I’m curious. Have you seen instances with more than 3 advertisers appearing with star ratings?

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 30 total)
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