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    Can anyone please advise if they have any experience dealing with the below situation?

    My client has two separate addresses for their Residential & Commercial branches of the same business (the buildings are down the street from one another).

    We have separate Google listings for each location and both addresses are listed on the website. However, only the Commercial listing ranks in the map section on a Google SERP, even for residentially driven queries.

    We suspect this has to do with an old listing (that used an old address) that was accidentally merged to the Commerical listing a few years back by Google, when we requested it be merged with the Residential listing.

    Our client would prefer the Residential be the one that ranks and does not even care if the commercial listing exists. We are trying to determine the best process for accomplishing this. Would it make more sense to merge the commercial listing with the residential listing? Or Should we just have Google close the commercial listing all together?

    Any advice or past experiences would be greatly appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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