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    I have a business with a Local Google+ page that is starting to rank very well for some keywords related to their business. There are other closely related keywords (i.e. plural version of that same word) where the listing is nowhere to be found. Their website ranks organically, above most of the other results in the pack, and on the first page of the SERP for both keywords. They have content on their website that relates to all the keywords we are looking to rank for, and in most cases have a whole page dedicated to that particular service. Their citations are mostly consistent, according to a Moz Local search. They have many customer reviews to their listing. I’m struggling with what do look into next to improve rankings for the keywords that they aren’t currently ranking for. Suggestions?

    Also, I noticed several of the other sites that are ranking have reviews and in the section that discusses “what people are talking about” there are several words/topics listed. In our listing, there is no section that says “what people are talking about.” Is there a reason for this? Could this have any relationship to rankings?

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