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    Ray Litvak
    Ray Litvak

    Hi All,

    I’m unsure if this question has been asked before, but here it is.

    A client of mine is a Veterinarian in a city just outside of Toronto. He has been enjoying good local and organic rankings in his city for a number of years for ‘veterinarian’ and ‘animal hospital’ related services/key phrases.

    A number of competitors have since entered the marketplace. One of these competitors has a keyword-rich URL (city + vet.ca) and is aggressively going after some popular keywords i.e. (city + animal + hospital) among others. The reason that I am writing this is because the competitor just sent an e-mail to my client. Here is what it says:

    “Your site is using our business name [City Animal Hospital] as their website title. Please fix this as this is a registered business name. Also it is misleading the public.

    (Type [city animal Hospital] into Google on Chrome and you will see the title, or we can send Screen Shots)”

    Can a business that has a registered business name that contains popular and localized generic keywords in its name prevent other businesses from using those keywords as part of their SEO efforts as it violates trademark infringement. I’m not up on my TM law in Ontario, but would be surprised if this was the case.


    And thank you for those that respond in advance.


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