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    Linda BuquetLinda Buquet

    Just did a quick peek and classic shows both but not the closed listing for:
    chiropractor East Causeway Approach Mandeville, LA 70448

    Sorry Joy I don’t have time to look at this one any more. Up to eyeballs in alligators after a server move and am all backed up with help requests all over.

    I just said I’d ping you on the closed listing issue since I thought you’d know more about that. I’ll try to peek back in at some point when I get caught up.



    Google would probably tell you to leave the listing marked as closed. Personally – I would have never marked it as closed, I would have edited it and changed the business name. Rebranding is kind of a weird situation because there isn’t really any clear guidelines set on what to do and when (too many possible scenarios). My rule of thumb is that if the phone # and business address is the same and there hasn’t been any major changes to the business itself, it’s not a re-brand. So if the customers are the same, the product/service is the same, I would reopen the listing and edit the title and ask to have it merged with the practice listing you manage.

    I work a lot in the insurance world so if a State Farm Insurance agent leaves State Farm and goes to Allstate but keeps their phone number – this is definitely a rebrand. However if an agent leaves State Farm and State Farm appoints a new agent in his place (same office, same phone number), this is not a rebrand. Nothing has changed other than there is a new person running the business (but it’s the same exact business).

    Another Example: If a hotel was a Holiday Inn and then switches to Days Inn, this is definitely a rebrand.

    I’m not fully convinced that your issue is related to this. Before I went down this road, I would remove the website off the practitioner listings to see if that does anything (if your goal is to “derank” that listing so it doesn’t compete with the practice).

    J.R. PortmanJ.R. Portman

    Linda – Thank you so much for giving me your time and expertise in this matter. I’m still waiting for the Dr. Miller web address to change; I just deleted any website at all from the field to see if this helps. I also deleted the description entirely.

    Joy – Thank you as well for looking into this matter. I agree that before I start deleting BV from the IP listings I should see how the edits I made to Dr. Miller’s listing effect the pack. My fear is that the Miller listing will disappear from the 7, but then the main listing does not replace it and they will have no presence at all in the 7, but we’ll see.

    If I were to reverse the closing of the Wellness Group listing and merge the two, is there a risk of loosing reviews and other data from the main listing? This client has 19 hard-won reviews and that would be horrible if they lost them in the merge.

    J.R. PortmanJ.R. Portman

    Just in-
    The website is now not showing on the Dr. Miller listing but it is holding steady in the #2 pack spot for “Mandeville Chiropractor.”

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 2 months ago by J.R. PortmanJ.R. Portman.

    Can you have the photographer remove the Tour from the practitioner pages? Or is that a lengthy task? I’m just wondering if it’s somehow connecting the 3 listings since there isn’t a single SERP I can find that shows 2/3 of them together. This isn’t the case for any other practice in your town that I can see.

    J.R. PortmanJ.R. Portman

    I am the photographer :\
    It is a tricky process to remove a tour, requiring the business to sign a written request to do so. It will leave me with some egg on my face, but I will do it if y’all think it is a source of the problem.


    Oh! haha! Didn’t realize the connection. Do you have any other cases where you’ve had the same tour uploaded on different listings? Maybe I could look to see if it has the same pattern. I’ve honestly never seen this scenario before.

    The closed listing could be causing the issue. The reason why I’m not sold on that is it doesn’t follow any of the patterns I’m seeing on cases I’ve dealt with.

    Linda BuquetLinda Buquet

    I’m still betting on the main problem being the dupe.

    JR even though you made changes Google has not picked them up yet.

    Cache is still for 12/15 so Google is still seeing the home page as the URL.


    I think within 2 weeks or once cache updates the problem could resolve.

    But I could be wrong and Joy may have something with the BV. I’ve never heard of that either but with Google local anything is possible and I do think having a BV sends a very strong trust signal to Google. If it was me I’d actually remove from the Dr listing too.

    You could tell client it’s a suspected and previously unknown bug that you are investigating just to try to uncover any potential issue that could be affecting ranking. (So even tho a little egg on face, it makes it sound like you are super smart to have uncovered and going the extra mile to try to correct.)

    Linda BuquetLinda Buquet

    (On the cache link above, scroll down and you’ll still see the original long description too.)

    Oh and FYI I personally would not have removed that URL. Google will still make the connection to the site. I would rather CONTROL that connection and tell her to look at the Dr page. She’ll likely add it back in any and it will end up being a home page link again.

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 2 months ago by Linda BuquetLinda Buquet.
    J.R. PortmanJ.R. Portman

    I can give you two other cases where I’ve uploaded the same tour to multiple listings, and in the first scenario I was told to do this by my coordinator at G, though they make it clear they know nothing about SEO and its relationship to Business View. When we upload a tour, we build it from scratch every time, not just build the tour once and link it to whatever listings we want, so I don’t know how Google would be able to tell it is the same images or anything. But check out the example below and maybe you see similar behavior:

    3 businesses under one roof:

    This is a practice/practitioner scenario

    J.R. PortmanJ.R. Portman

    Thanks for the head’s up Linda, I added the Dr page link back.
    Is there an instructional somewhere on using the webcache so I can learn how?
    I like your “it’s a bug” explanation, though I am also partial to “your puny mind wouldn’t understand my mysterious ways!”

    Linda BuquetLinda Buquet

    Find listing in G. Click to view web cache. The page will be blank. At end of URL string add &strip=1 and voila! You’ll see the text. Tip thanks to JOY!

    Don’t have time to do another deep dive but on the Case listings, the Dr ranks in the pack instead of the practice as well.

    Plus if there is more than one Dr his name is wrong, per the new guidelines.

    But if he’s a sole practitioner and plans to stay that way, then that one has a dupe situation. (Both should not have the practice name.)

    DON’T make any changes just based on my quick comments above. This is VERY complicated, should start a new thread if you need help figuring that one out or want me to explain more, so we don’t get that one all mixed up in this long thread.

    J.R. PortmanJ.R. Portman

    Thanks Linda-

    To be clear, I only photographed tours for these clients and I have nothing to do with their listings and SEO. I know they have issues, but they aren’t my problem to bare unless the hire me some day to deal with it.

    Linda BuquetLinda Buquet

    One last point. I would not keep tweaking stuff. It sometimes causes a suspension.

    That’s partly why I said don’t make changes to that other listing without fully understanding everything.

    In my training I teach to thoroughly eval everything, check with client or others if you need to. Then make all your corrections at once, get it right and leave it if you can. Tweak, tweak, tweak, is what spammers often do, so it can trip a filter.

    That’s why it’s hard helping in forums on complicated cases with multi-faceted problems. You are going back and forth piece meal just adding a little tip here or there instead of being able to take a deep dive and find all the problems, lay them all out and recommend all the changes in a logical order.


    For Case Family Dental (more similar situation since practitioner/practice):

    I searched “Dentist Covington LA” and get the practitioner listing. Practice listing is nowhere to be found.

    I searched “Dental Clinic Covington LA” and the practice listing is there instead, practitioner listing is nowhere to be found.

    I cannot find a SERP that lists them both together (same as your other example)

    However, I noticed the categories on the 2 listings are not the same. One is Dentist (Practitioner) and one is Dental Clinic (practice). Same with your Mandeville example – the practitioners are both listed as doctors only (not chiropractors). So it could be that they aren’t showing for the same SERP because of that. As an experiment you could try adding “Chiropractor” as a category to Jeff Miller’s listing to see if it’s category related?

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