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    David Mihm

    That’s an interesting idea, just to leave it blank. You might try that as a first-effort…

    Mary Bowling

    JR, There are a lot of places you can learn current SEO best practices online, so here at LocalU we try to concentrate on Local SEO.

    Here are my suggestions for learning more about organic SEO:

    SEOBook- Aaron Wall has been teaching SEO for over a decade. He also has quite a few useful tools.

    Moz – articles from Mozzers and the Moz community here. (David works for this company)

    Market Motive – several levels of training offered, both self-paced and instructor lead. The instructors are good and you can get certifications here

    SENews – newsletter, classes, tools ( I do some work for this outfit)

    Search Engine Academy – holds formal classes in person-may also do some online training

    J.R. PortmanJ.R. Portman

    Linda – any word from Joy on suppressing a closed Google listing or more info on how much it actually impacts local results?

    SERP results for this issue still haven’t changed yet, been about 5 days.

    Linda BuquetLinda Buquet

    Sorry JR, was hoping she’d see it.

    I’ll contact her via email and alert her to this thread.


    Hey JR!

    Linda emailed me 🙂 Can I get more info from you on what exactly Integrated Wellness Group is and how they are related to your client? They have a live website with the exact same address + suite number as your client: http://www.northshoreidealweightloss.com/

    More references:


    I feel like I might be missing something here as well because for “mandeville chiropractor” I get Dr. Jeff Miller as B and they are the first organic result.

    For “Chiropractor Mandeville LA” I get the practice listing as B and they again are the first organic result.

    Seems pretty great to me?

    Linda BuquetLinda Buquet

    Joy that 4605 listing is the closed listing I referenced – should have added the link to it in my original post but was side tracked with browser issues.

    Since it’s the same phone# too, I assumed it is the same company and was a rebranding or they bought out that company or something. Would be good to know for sure what that listing is and what the relationship was.

    But even though closed, it’s also still verified so is sitting in someone’s dash which I would think gives it even more juice. So should maybe at least be deleted from dash, do you think Joy?

    J.R. PortmanJ.R. Portman

    Hi Joy-
    Integrated Wellness Group is an old defunct iteration of their integrated spine and disc brand. I’ve run a moz-local citation campaign for ISD and I hope that will help clear up some citational issues once that propagates, but if the Integrated Wellness Group closed G+ Local listing is considered for rankings, then the question is what can be done to suppress it and how can I improve the ISD rank?

    And as far as their rankings go in search – don’t even get me started! They are obsessed with the local pack and will not rest until they are in it. They have 19 reviews on their integrated spine and disc local listing as well as a Business View Tour, and they really want that to show up as much as possible. What’s more is that the listing was ranking fine up until last week and then disappeared, and they say they only knew something was up because “the phone stopped ringing all of the sudden.”

    So I’m trying to figure out what else I can do to help them with my somewhat limited SEO knowledge. I’ve had plenty of talks with them regarding the dangers of focusing heavily on rankings and specific keyword searches but they are hell-bent on ranking their Integrated Spine and Disc listing for “Mandeville Chiropractor”



    When I see closed listings hurting ranking, the business doesn’t rank anywhere. So your situation is not the same as the ones I’m seeing. I don’t think the closed listing is hurting anything or you wouldn’t rank as B for “Mandeville Chiropractor”.

    What I am seeing is that the practitioner and practice listings never appear for the same search together. It’s either 1 or the other that appears. For example, https://www.google.com/search?q=Chiropractor+Mandeville+la&safe=off&biw=2364&bih=1189&gl=us&tbm=lcl&ei=HneYVJezHYH5yQSP34CoAw&start=0&sa=N&dpr=0.75&gl=us

    It seems kind of odd that no searches I find shows the 3 listings together anywhere (not even on page 2 – they’re literally just not there)

    I was wondering if possibly (big if) having the same 360 tour on all 3 listings is making it so Google is treating them like the same listing and never showing 2 at the same time?

    J.R. PortmanJ.R. Portman

    Hmmmm. That would suck if it were the Tour since I charged them to upload it to multiple listings! I don’t think the tour has much to do with it though because they were already having these issues before I came along and added tours, plus I’ve never heard anyone say that BV has any SEO effect at all, so if it IS effecting rank it would be proof positive, but in a weird scenario of course.

    The Ind. Pract. listings should have really low authority with G as they have virtually no citational build so i’m surprised that either of them show up at all. Doesn’t G intentionally not show a practice/practtcioner listings in the same SERP?

    Linda BuquetLinda Buquet

    Joy he said the issue is the practice is not ranking in the pack.

    I don’t see the practice in the pack either for Mandeville Chiropractor either. I see the Dr listing so that’s the main problem I think.

    I told him how to minimize the Dr listing which normally lets the practice rank higher.

    JR you just minimized it a few days ago. It can take a couple weeks for that to work.

    CONFIRMED: Here is Google cache of the Dr page. (Can’t see cache in G+ without a hack and the hack only shows bare text.) But go here, mouse over or click link and you’ll see in cache the link change on the page has not updated yet. It’s still linked to home.


    Plus as extra precaution, I would strip the description on the Drs listing down more if you already did. You still have Chiropractor/chiropractic twice. Northshore twice and state once.

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 1 month ago by Linda BuquetLinda Buquet.
    Linda BuquetLinda Buquet

    Posted over you so didn’t see your last post JR.

    I don’t think BV has a direct ranking benefit.

    BUT in my advanced training I always talk about the local algo being like a kindergartener. Very smart in many ways but easily confused.

    So there are a wide variety of signals you can send that tell her THIS listing is important and this other one is not. That’s a little bit of what I told you to do with minimizing the listing, it’s just that has not kicked in yet.

    What adding BV to all listings does I think is tell her, “lookie here, all 3 of these listings are equally important because we took the time/expense to add BV to all 3”. So could be more like a trust/authority signal than a direct ranking signal I think. Plus not sure why you would put a BV on a listing that’s closed, but maybe did that before it was closed.

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 1 month ago by Linda BuquetLinda Buquet.

    That’s the thing. It’s like Google has linked all 3 of your listings and is only showing 1 at a time. The reason why I mentioned the inside tour is because I noticed it was on all 3 and it’s the same tour so I don’t know if it’s sending Google some type of signal that says “hey – this is the same business”.

    I’m also wondering what impact the stripping down of the practitioner listings will do since the practice listing isn’t there at all currently for that query. Not on page 2, not anywhere.

    Doesn’t G intentionally not show a practice/practtcioner listings in the same SERP?

    In this Search Results page: https://www.google.ca/search?q=Chiropractor+Mandeville+la&safe=off&biw=2364&bih=1189&tbm=lcl&ei=HneYVJezHYH5yQSP34CoAw&start=0&sa=N&gl=us&gws_rd=cr

    Robert Thomson Jr DC, DACNB & Chiropractic Associates-Mndvll both show up
    Marston Jeffrey C DC & James M. Mccue, DC both show up

    Even if I search something different, I never get more than 1 of your 3 listings at a time. (Another example I just tried was Chiropractic clinic mandeville la.

    Linda BuquetLinda Buquet

    Joy that search result above is using .ca so will almost always yield different results.

    And I don’t see either of those docs listed. But yes it occasionally happens, since Pigeon that both practice and Dr listing can rank, but not very often.

    I just checked Chiropractor Mandeville la and the practice is ranking B. (With .com, location set to that city.)

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 1 month ago by Linda BuquetLinda Buquet.

    Yeah that’s what I’m seeing as well Linda. The &gl=us operator is what I add to my search strings to see the US results (Bright Local told me to do that).

    Can you find a keyword that shows any of the 3 listings together (regardless of position)? So like 1 keyword that shows a practitioner listing as position 2, and another that shows the practice on page 2 position 3 (I made up those numbers)?

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