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    I had a psychiatrist ask me which domain they should use as they have a bunch of them. I am inclined to say that PsychiatryAustin.com would be the best out of this list. Your thoughts?



    Mike Blumenthal

    I, perhaps in the minority, believe that your domain should reflect your brand not your keywords. As such I lean towards DRLEONARDWEISS.COM


    Dana DiTomaso

    I’ll second what Mike says. The benefit you’ll get from exact match is getting less and less all the time – a brand lasts. Go with the brand.


    So, part of the reason we were debating about moving away from his name was for SEO value and the other part was due to a person that went crazy, created multiple accounts, and posted MANY negative reviews about him everywhere. He did get a lawyer and get one review site to drop the postings as they all came from the same IP address. I am curious what you all would suggest to help with negative reviews?


    David Mihm

    I would agree with the notion of a brand as well, although perhaps something along the lines of


    would get you the benefit of both a brand and a location.

    In terms of negative reviews, this would actually be a very good reason NOT to do Dr. Leonard Weiss, in this field…sites like HealthGrades and Vitals are always going to attach to the practitioner, and not a practice, so branding as an entity rather than a person might be a better way to go…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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