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    Ross DunnRoss Dunn

    I have seen a lot of opinions out there for Google Business View and its potential to help a Google My Business profile, and logically, it makes sense to me. That said, what is your opinion on Google Business View’s potential to improve the visibility of a profile in general? Is it worth the $400-$500 from a Local SEO perspective?

    PS. I would probably recommend it anyway for clients with good reasons to show their places of business.

    Mike Blumenthal

    Google Photographers love to claim that it impacts rank but I have seen NO credible research that shows that it does.

    It does provide some eye candy prominently in the Google search results (Kp and Local finder) that gives a business some bit of control over those spaces.

    The price is relatively affordable if you look at it over a 3 or 4 year time frame.

    I recommend for businesses that thrive on their ambiance… hotels, plastic surgeons etc

    I have seen a few good viral marketing stories coming out of businesses that got creative with their shoots and hid people or things in them…

    Mary Bowling

    I think they are much more important for some kinds of businesses than others. Not necessarily from an SEO view, but because prospects can be swayed to choose one business over another by this feature. Some businesses – like a wedding venue or high-end restaurant do themselves a great disservice by not showing people what they have to offer. Simply having a business view may also attract people when your competitors do not have one.

    As far as SEO, the business shoot’s photos are geo-tagged and the photographer confirms the physical location, so it may add some trust to the info in your GMB listing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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