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    Emy Husmoe
    Emy Husmoe

    Hi all!

    One of my clients is having a difficult time building up positive reviews on Yelp due to the Not Recommended algorithm. I understand the concept behind “Not Recommended” (e.g. Yelp wants to show reviews from reviewers who are trusted and relevant based on friends and review history), but the algorithm is not consistent for his page. When I’ve called Yelp Biz support, they’ve referred to the algorithm and said that there’s no way to make changes to this nor is there any way for them to move reviews from “not recommended.” Do you have any suggestions for how to tackle this? My client has done a wonderful job getting reviews on Google, etc. and have a positive online reputation outside of Yelp. See below for additional details.

    Abundant Health Chiropractic: Dr. Adam Meade Website

    Abundant Health Chiropractic Yelp Profile

    Google Search Results — notice how Yelp is showing 1 rating with 1 star in Google search results. Dr. Meade also has 10 Google reviews with a 4.9/5 star rating.

    Dr. Meade’s Yelp Not Recommended Reviews — 24 reviews are not recommended. These reviews include a 5 star review from Terri M. (Westchester, IL; 9 friends, 10 reviews), a 5 star review from Megan D. (Alsip, IL; 12 friends, 23 reviews), and a 5 star review from Amanda A. (Willowbrook, IL; 22 friends, 9 reviews).

    Facebook Profile — 19 reviews, 4.9/5 star rating

    Please let me know if I can provide any additional information and thank you for your help!

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