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    Mark Homer
    Mark Homer

    Hello everyone,

    First time poster here, but really excited to have this forum up and running – great job guys.

    So I have a situation that I need some guidance with because I have had this blow up in my face before, see below for details:

    We recently started working with a firm (they have 5 locations in Washington) that has 4 local listings in place, all of which we did not create or modify in any way. These listings have decent placement right now so we don’t want to hurt that. These listings feature the same information that we are using on their new site, and therefore directory listings. Should we try and reclaim these listings (or take them over) and update the information (changing the name, URL, and phone) or just create new listings with the updated information? The only overlap would be the physical address, because everything else has since changed. Will this overlap hurt the performance of new listings or not…I am thinking these existing listings might get viewed as practitioner ones in the eyes of Google?

    4 current listings:
    Everettbankruptcy.com – https://plus.google.com/109522967079660543032/about
    Olympiabankruptcy.com – https://plus.google.com/114595716715729591519/about
    Tacoma-bankruptcy.com – https://plus.google.com/117673726686928274005/about
    Seattlebankruptcyattorneys.com – https://plus.google.com/105064792316277224166/about

    We have created one new listing for their Seattle location:

    So we need to create new listings (or edit the existing ones) for the other cities that they have offices in, I just don’t know the best way to proceed.

    Has anyone else gone through a similar situation or does anyone have any recommendations?

    Thanks so much,



    Mike Blumenthal

    Firstly you and the client need to realize that the virtual office strategy that they have embarked on with a central call in number does carry some risks apart from the tactical issues you are addressing today. Google may start enforcing their rules and either ban individual locations or possibly ban the whole account. At this point in time enforcement of their rules is lax in this regard but there have been periods in the past when they have deleted a number of lawyer listings for this.

    As to your question there is no single best answer. The question becomes one of pain now or pain later.

    Changing name and website will impact listings for the short term for sure.

    Having them all on a single strong website going forward will ultimately help them. But changing business name and phone number will cause a drop for those listings.

    As the current listings stand they are clearly in violation of naming rules and run the risk, if they are reported of being taken down. And the numbers punished. When I called the numbers they answered: “Law Offices”… as opposed to “Law Office of Jason Newcomb” or “Olympia Bankruptcy Lawyers”. Since this rule is enforced these listings are in danger of being taken down.

    Google also has a requirement that any listed office be staffed during the hours stated in the Dashboard. They also want to hear the phone answered in the same way that a listing is listed in their index.

    There are several complicating factors. It would appear from the outside that the 4 old listings are still in the old dashboard?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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