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    I am in the throws of trying to find the best tools to manage a lot of accounts over time. Get5Stars I have already fully committed too and I am preparing for an assault on an industry after I really understand thoroughly Get5Stars using a few key customers to help me test the system and get the stores engaged in the tool.

    Managing citations was is next on my list. This is 2017 so I am assuming there a some great tools to manage citations easily per biz locations. So you know, I am really green about this. I have done the manual thing several times over the years, or had one on my small team do it in the past… it’s a bear!

    Yesterday I did a 2 hour partner presentation with Yext. There were certain things I really liked, such as updating the citations within 72 hours across their list of biz site partners, which included Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, etc. I did ask about the 4 aggregators and only Factual do they use. But they said they are faster than going through the aggregators and lock their changes within 72 hours.

    I have played a little with Brightlocal with one store location and it appears there is a lot of manual labor. in a couple cases they scraped the wrong biz locations which I had to adjust manually and the ones missing I had to add. At least that what it appeared to me.

    Let me give you a scenario I run into with some of my clients from time to time. They change their store hours and need to make sure all the major biz directories have that new hours. When a customer drives up and sees their store is closed they often get a flaming email or phone. Then my phone rings asking me if I changed the hours. Of course I did on their website but not across all the online directories which they don’t even understand how that works. So Yext says yes we will have your changes done within 72 hours and all I have to do is log into one place, select the right customer, make the edit(s) and click submit.

    I haven’t dealt with the big 3 aggregators in quite a while but I remember paying through the nose and they told me they have no control over when all the directories that utilize their services will grab the changes and make the updates in their directory. Most of my clients don’t want that answer.

    Yext also has other tools in the Pro offering, including reputation management, competitive analysis and send and manage reviews. One login for me and a lot of tools. BTW, I went through the Yext review program and it is not even close to Get5Stars. I told them their review program sucks.

    Yext is $3000 minimum per year for agencies (plus one free account for your own business.) The $3000 per year covers up to 6 Pro accounts. After that they have a tier program based on the number of accounts and pricing can go down if you agree to a higher per year commitment. One of my clients has 8 locations if Yext does all the things it appears to be able to do the $3000/year might save me a load of time, especially since I am on a retainer. Time is money to me, but I still want the work done correctly and help drive more leads tot he stores.

    Again, I am green to all this and I am looking for feedback from those who have a lot more experience in the sector than me.

    Thank you!


    Mike Blumenthal

    Yext is ideal in situations where hours need to change quickly. But even when a client has Yext best practice is to STILL submit to the primary data suppliers. Yext is easy, yext is fast. But it isn’t in and of itself enough.

    Here are some case studies from Whitespark that I think are pretty good

    What Happens When You Sign Up for Yext?

    What Happens When You Cancel Yext?



    Wow! Thanks! It sure makes you think that Yext is not the tool. Maybe that is why their stock is dropping. 🙂

    I guess I should also look at Whitespark too.



    We manage about 80+ local businesses and originally had put them all in Moz Local, but have slowly been migrating them all to BrightLocal. BrightLocal was providing more overall services than Moz and cost FAR less than Moz Local. I personally think Moz Local is too expensive for what they provide compared to the other options out there. This migration also allowed us to consolidate another service – Review Trackers – so we were able to save considerably (we were really only using Review Trackers for the rating analysis and monitoring).


    Thanks Toby for your feedback.


    Anyone using Brightlocal’s Citation Burst Service?

    In the below thread it makes it sound like Yext – when you discontinue the Brightlocal Citation Burst service your listings revert back to the original. That sounds crazy to me. Any truth in that?

    Citation Burst is much like Yext and other citation submission services wherein the citations are updated and kept current ONLY as long as you use the service.



    Mary Bowling

    There really isn’t a single tool or tool set that will do all of the things you need to have done for successful local search. And as far as citations are concerned, different businesses often need different things, so you may need to use different tools to accomplish them.

    For NAP confusion – cleaning this up is much harder than it may seem at first glance. If it’s bad enough to effect rankings (that’s judgement call, based on how much confusion there is and where it occurs) then I’d recommend hiring Whitespark to do the cleanup. They are much more efficient than I (and probably you and most other people) can be with this project.

    For building new citations, I’d see what I have to work with and either begin making submissions myself (using Whitespark Citation Finder, Bright Local and Google for research) or use Whitespark or BrightLocal to make them for me.

    For quick changes. Yext is probably the best tool if and when you need the details in citations updated very quickly and they change frequently, as with a seasonal business. However, my experiences with Yext around NAP cleanup have been frustrating.

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